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Where would a donation solicitation live?

I am going to be leaving for Armenia in 2 months and I get to bring 160 pounds of stuff with me for free. I won't need that much, so I am going to bring donations for an NGO in Armenia, Orran, that helps socially vulnerable people (generally street kids and elderly without families). They do amazing work.

I'd like to open it up to MeFites who may have winter coats or other essentials that they'd like to donate. I'll be teaching computer classes for them, so perhaps old laptops (desktops are probably too heavy) would be good as well.

Would projects be a good place for this? Is this bad use of the site? I realize that lots of MeFites know lots of worthy causes and work for great NGOs. But it might be a rare opportunity to ship 160 lbs. of stuff for free and have me directly give the items to those who need it.

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I'd say setup a simple site describing the project and soliciting donations, then post it to projects.
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It's fine for Projects assuming there's some web aspect to it. It doesn't fit anywhere else on the site.
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No, that's the planned name for MetaPhilology.
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You'll be hearing from me.

Coincidentally, I'm about to move to Europe and am using this as a chance to get rid of all my stuff (clothes, coats, boots, equipment etc.) I'm too lazy to take the time to sell it all. You're near San Francisco arent you?
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Sorry, Plutor, but philately.metafilter.com has dibs. Matt already gave it his stamp of approval.
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was it self-adhesive, or did he lick it?
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These are my favorite meta's: "Here's this thing that breaks the guidelines and rules. If I was going to try to follow those rules where would I have put it if I hadn't put it here first?"
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"Metafilter-related" is the most abused category. On the bright side, at least it's not a plug for some dude's gig.
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Yeah this is pretty much something an email could have taken care of. I'll close this and you can post it to projects k8t.
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