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Posts for Donations?

Is anybody out there up for the old "you donate money to Metafilter, I'll make a post for you" thing? I have a topic I'd really like to see posted, but I don't have the time to do it myself. I'd donate $25 to our Bean Plate Overlords if someone would do this for me. (I feel like someone was doing this project in the past but I don't remember who.) [more inside]
posted by BlahLaLa on Mar 12, 2024 - 9 comments

Paypal fee increase for Australians

Australian Paypal has informed us that as of April 5th, "sending money internationally to friends or family" will now incur a fixed fee of $5.99 AUD+2.6% of the portion funded +fixed fee based on the currency. [more inside]
posted by kjs4 on Apr 4, 2018 - 8 comments

State of Metafilter, and funding update

It’s been a busy year on Metafilter, with some big changes over the last twelve months.  Some of the hardest changes were the result of the financial difficulties that came to a head last May with significant staffing cuts.  And the best thing to happen for the site was the tremendous outpouring of generosity from Metafilter’s members in response to that financial crisis, through voluntary funding of Metafilter.  

I want to thank all of you again for your support, and give you an update on where site finances are now, how funding has helped, and how we’re trying to make it easier to support the site in a way that works well for you—including a new alternative to PayPal. [more inside]
posted by cortex on Jun 8, 2015 - 220 comments

Is there an official Metafilter Charity we can donate to for Christmas?

I was just wondering is there an official (or at least majority agreed) charity that Mefite's can give to in Metafilters name ? I know some people like to give to specific charities during this time of year. [more inside]
posted by Faintdreams on Dec 7, 2014 - 30 comments

MeFi Fundraising Update

I wanted to thank you all for your generosity in helping MeFi’s future stability and also give some big updates on where we are with the impromptu fundraising efforts over the last couple weeks. [more inside]
posted by mathowie on Jun 2, 2014 - 319 comments

Help Fund MetaFilter

We've set up an official fundraising/​contributing/​support page here, and are now tracking the number of people signing on as monthly supporters. [more inside]
posted by mathowie on May 21, 2014 - 1127 comments

Donate here!

As long as we are looking for clarification on posts that push boundaries, how about this direct link to a project seeking donations? It's not a Kickstarter, but equivalent.
posted by Ardiril on Jan 24, 2012 - 36 comments

MefightClub: not just pew-pew!

Affiliated community news: Yesterday, MefightClub ended a two-week donation drive and donated $4155 to Child's Play charity, an organization that collects donations for toys, games, books and cash for sick kids in children’s hospitals across North America and the world. [more inside]
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken on Dec 21, 2010 - 28 comments

Please, let's just donate to the Give That Girl a Massage Fund

I have some lingering discomfort with the outcome of the epic Russian Girls Possibly Rescued from Trafficking threads, but the initial Metatalk thread is closed up. [more inside]
posted by booknerd on May 24, 2010 - 10 comments

Putting some money where are tears are.

Fundraising in the wake of the NY gay marriage vote [more inside]
posted by Theta States on Dec 3, 2009 - 73 comments


Is anyone else participating in Movember? Is there a MetaFilter team? Should there be? [more inside]
posted by Plutor on Nov 3, 2008 - 38 comments

Where would a donation solicitation live

Where would a donation solicitation live? [more inside]
posted by k8t on Jan 17, 2008 - 10 comments

Metafilter.com loves ze frank to the tune of $250

Metafilter.com loves ze frank to the tune of $250. Cool. (Note: I didn't buy the duckie.)
posted by disillusioned on Nov 14, 2006 - 20 comments

Music donations

I would like to see a mechanism whereby MetaFilter Musicians were encouraged to accept donations (PayPal links?) and listeners were encouraged to donate. I would far rather donate to my favorite artists here than prop up Sony Corp.
posted by beniamino on Oct 31, 2006 - 12 comments

An update on MiHail memorial donations.

An update on MiHail memorial donations.
posted by arse_hat on Jul 2, 2006 - 6 comments

We are collecting donations to benefit an organ donation charity in memory of MiHail.

We are collecting donations, in cooperation with MetaChat, to benefit an organ donation charity in memory of MiHail. (announcement of MiHail's death at Mefi & MeTa; related mecha post) [mi]
posted by jessamyn on May 12, 2006 - 30 comments

Sometimes I need more then one question a week

Sometimes I need more then one question a week...

I'm thinking a feature would be nice where you could ask "4 questions a month" in stead of once a week.. or have unused questions (say you odnt ask a question on MeFi for a month) that would be "banked"?

alternately, I was thinking of "donate a question" or "extra questions dispensed" based on being selected as best answer?
posted by Izzmeister on Apr 4, 2006 - 86 comments

MeFi generosity inspires house fire victims to Katrina/Rita relief

A follow-up to a most incredible show of Metafilter generosity. (More inside)
posted by Dreama on Oct 1, 2005 - 14 comments

Why isn't there a donation link on the front page?

Why isn't there a donation link on the front page? Something Awful has been raising $3 grand for the Red Cross every hour.
posted by keswick on Sep 3, 2005 - 31 comments

Would you like to help out u.n. owen?

You all remember how u.n. owen was set to audition for Jeopardy a couple months back? Recall how a string of bad luck kept her from doing so?

Seems things are still bad for her. When I saw this post in AskMeFi I contacted her just to check in and see how things were going. She's in a bit of a bind and I hope it doesn't embarrass her, but I thought there might be a few MeFites with a little extra pocket cash. Anyone feeling altruistic? [Details inside]
posted by FlamingBore on Feb 28, 2005 - 150 comments

server donation request

Here's a direct approach to the constant metafilter downtime : what would it cost (roughly) to pay someone to port Metafilter to a more reliable platform, and are there enough site members who care sufficiently to foot the bill ? Couldn't Matt just put a little permanent add/plea for $ donations - along with the amount collected and the amount still needed - on the front page ? Why not ?
posted by troutfishing on May 7, 2004 - 62 comments

Is anyone else dissapointed in the results?

Is anyone else dissapointed in the results of this ?
posted by keithl on Apr 29, 2002 - 44 comments

So how about a Pledge Drive?

So how about a Pledge Drive? My local NPR station is begging for money again, and I was thinking - you know I'd rather give my $1/day (why that's not even enough for coffee) to MeFi. Currently the donation kitty is at $3,597. I bet we can get that up to $4,500 in no time. What do you say?
posted by willnot on Feb 5, 2002 - 2 comments

HAHAHA...love the pop.

I pity the fool! HAHAHA...love the pop. And it worked--I toddled right over and donated. Good on ya, Matt.
posted by frykitty on Jul 20, 2001 - 12 comments

Donate link in the MeTa header

Someone else wants to see "About MetaTalk" in the void above (right below "MetaFilter Home"). However, I'd like to see a "Donate" link there. Every so often when at Me* I'll say to myself, "Hey, I should donate $1" or I may think, "Hey, how much has Matt managed to get from us?!" and I'll click on Donate. However, when one of those thoughts just hit me a minute ago, I was on MeTa and thus there was no Donate link. Minor request/feature, I know, but it has the potential to raise MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!
posted by gluechunk on Apr 3, 2001 - 5 comments

"Contribute" link?

Matt, you should put a contribute link on the main menu bar. I mostly use Netscape, and was not paying attention the Amazon disscussion. I only noticed the link on the blue sidebar when I launched Explorer to check out another page, and it defaulted to Metafilter. Might be a more offical place to encourage people to help out more frequently.
posted by thirteen on Feb 8, 2001 - 9 comments

The original micropayment discussion

It looks like affiliate links will be the next no-no that goes in the guidelines. Does anyone have any objections to that?

(I know my original paypal post was straddling/crossing an etiquette line already, but grumblebee's "gimmie $5" post was a bit too much)
posted by mathowie on Jun 21, 2000 - 3 comments

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