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how about a textarea on the post-a-thread page to allow you to optionally post the first comment on the thread? reading rich's comment on how not everyone wants to write up such a comment with word or notepad beforehand, it seems like this feature could be useful. no one jokes about where's the "more inside" text, and the ease of use in posting that first, explanatory comment may help in keeping FPPs from getting too large.
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It's not really required if you ask me. Why not do this, compose the main thread in the textarea, leave a space or two, compose the first comment, then cut the comment out, post the thread, as soon as that's done, paste the comment in and there you go, no waiting time for the first comment and no need for external text editors.
posted by riffola at 12:06 PM on January 9, 2002

I like the idea.
posted by rcade at 2:17 PM on January 9, 2002

though i guess it's already been nixed, rcade. oh well.
posted by moz at 2:35 PM on January 9, 2002 [1 favorite]

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