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I recently switched to IE 5.5, and I've found that when I "go back to fix a problem" in a followup post, there's nothing there to edit. So I'm stuck with what I wrote the first time.

Oddly enough, I *can* go back to fix a problem on an original post. Is there a difference in how you're doing that on original posts and on followups?
posted by Steven Den Beste to Bugs at 8:18 AM (3 comments total)

no, nothing is new, though I suspect it's a IE 5.5 caching problem. The same thing happens to me a lot. I'm going to redo the way previews are done, so you don't have to "go back" to edit.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 2:33 PM on August 20, 2000

I don't have these particular problems, but since installing IE5.5, I've noticed my back button magically greying out, after surfing sometimes for hours at a time. Boomf! History gone. Irritating.
posted by cCranium at 8:29 AM on August 21, 2000

As long as we're bitching about IE 5.5 bugs, sometimes an IE 5.5 window will force itself to the front for no reason I can think of. It's annoying as hell. Anyway, now I'm completely off subject.
posted by Steven Den Beste at 9:06 PM on August 21, 2000

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