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Post Editing Pony?

Hi all. I realize this may very well be just me, but the inconsistency between the ability to edit comments after posting, while unable to do the same to main FPPs or questions, is starting to bother me. I occasionally make mistakes in my posts and have to contact the moderators for things like broken HTML or typos, which I could totally fix on my own if the site allowed me to do so. [more inside]
posted by Alensin on Aug 20, 2021 - 2 comments

Blue posts for deep sea green posts should link to deep sea green posts

On August 27, avoision made a self-post on the deep sea green about his Villanelle Bot.
On August 30, oakroom made a post about the Vinalle Bot on the blue, but didn’t go through projects when posting the link. Because of this, there’s no “official” indication that the two are linked: no highlighting on Projects, no little link to the project at the end of the FPP.
I think if a mod discovers the link post-facto or if a mefite tells the mod about the link, they should add these formal connections. It seems like good style, and a good way to increase attention for community members doing cool things. [more inside]
posted by Going To Maine on Sep 2, 2015 - 19 comments

I think this Pony would be loved by many: previewing before 24 hours

Would it be possible to be able to preview your FPP, prior to your 24 hour time limit? [more inside]
posted by joseph conrad is fully awesome on Jul 28, 2014 - 45 comments

Two little ponies

I have a question about the feasability and desirability of two possible small ponies: [more inside]
posted by feckless fecal fear mongering on Jan 16, 2014 - 39 comments

Comment Editing

We just added the ability to edit comments for five minutes across all MetaFilter sites. [more inside]
posted by pb on Oct 1, 2012 - 978 comments


Desjardins suggested an edit for your answer to "How do I properly bury the body?" [more inside]
posted by Brandon Blatcher on Dec 30, 2011 - 75 comments

I would ride this pony all over town.

Whatever happened to introducing a three-minute edit window for comments? [more inside]
posted by dunkadunc on Jul 7, 2011 - 127 comments

What say ye of the edit window?

What, dear friends, of the edit window? [more inside]
posted by killdevil on Jan 26, 2011 - 170 comments

The Yankees still suck

I realize we have sort of a policy of not editing posts, but is there any chance an update could be added to the NY Marriage Equality post? [more inside]
posted by graventy on Dec 2, 2009 - 21 comments

I Don't Have Three Minutes to Change My Mind, Do I?

Whatever happened to the "Timed Editing" feature allowing corrections on comments/posts for 3 minutes after posting (pre-announced and tested here in December 2008)? Was it officially canceled, filed and forgotten, or implemented but Wendell's too stupid to figure out how to use it?
posted by wendell on Sep 27, 2009 - 202 comments

Chrome Bug Returns

Google has once again updated its Chrome browser, and as I seem to remember happening before, the little buttons have disappeared from Metafilter's edit window, that allow you to easily create bold, italic text or a link.
posted by evilcolonel on May 27, 2009 - 55 comments

Pony update: editing after posting

Is there any update on the "edit your post/comment after posting" pony? [more inside]
posted by Chrysostom on Jan 22, 2009 - 35 comments

Help Us Test Timed Editing

We're considering a new feature and could use some help kicking the tires. [more inside]
posted by pb on Dec 17, 2008 - 220 comments

Post editing ability

Can I haz a pomy^D^Dny? 60 second editing. [more inside]
posted by SirStan on Jun 28, 2008 - 77 comments

Rethinking comment deletion

I'm seeing a lot of very eloquent responses to AskMe questions getting deleted. Some of them are very long, and while they could be thought of as containing some offending material, the whole comments are being deleted. I want to propose and discuss just removing the offensive parts -- editing out sentences or paragraphs, and not entire comments, so that the "good stuff" can remain. [more inside]
posted by strangeguitars on Dec 17, 2007 - 133 comments

Comment Editing?

Comment editing: Is it a pony in the works for some day or will it never ever happen? [more inside]
posted by drezdn on Nov 30, 2007 - 182 comments

Making an AskMe anonymous after the fact?

This comment on this AskMe made me wonder - would it be possible to make an AskMe question anonymous after it had already been posted?
posted by Zephyrial on Jun 13, 2007 - 32 comments

Or just put it on AskMe.

Can someone please change the text of this FPP on Heroes so it doesn't refer to the name of a well-known comic series with a similarly well-known plot?
posted by spiderwire on Mar 12, 2007 - 44 comments

Edit Posting?

Just posted this http://ask.metafilter.com/58158/Rats-in-the-car And the preview looked fine, but the final posting is one paragraph and hard to read. How can I correct it and did I do something wrong?
posted by zaphod on Mar 5, 2007 - 1 comment

Please Edit My Project!

I bought my project (on MeFi Projects) its own domain. Can I (or Mattamyn) edit the old post to reflect the new domain, or may I repost it? Or should I just live with the redirect?
posted by IndigoRain on Sep 2, 2006 - 4 comments

Could we have a timed window for editing comments?

How difficult would it be to program an edit function into our comments that allows us to revise our contributions within 1-5 minutes of posting it? I think it'd be a very cool thing to have for us OCD types that apologize after we spell something wrong and immediately correct ourselves in the next comment. Also, it could serve as a conscience (you post something, you regret it immediately, and get rid of it). Note, I'm not asking for unlimited editing. Only the ability to edit within 1-5 minutes of your original post.
posted by SeizeTheDay on Jun 15, 2006 - 141 comments

Post editor pony request

Post editor pony request: a method to shove part of long posts into the first comment, after the post has gone up.
posted by anotherpanacea on Jun 5, 2006 - 16 comments

This is new, right? I don't like it.

note: Help maintain a healthy, respectful discussion by focusing comments on the
issues, topics, and facts at hand -- not at other members of the site.

This is new, right? I don't like it.
posted by rxrfrx on Mar 23, 2006 - 108 comments

Pony: temporary comment editing

Temporary comment editing?
I'm sure this has been brought up before but......It would be nice to be able to edit one's comments for a short period after posting. Not for very long, obviously, but long enough to fix glaring errors or spelling mistakes.
posted by fenriq on Feb 3, 2006 - 78 comments

Edits bother me

Jessamyn's edit is really bothering me. There were a few remarks (mine among them) below this, calling attention to it, but Matt closed the thread without addressing this issue. Can we see no more editing for content please? Let posts/comments stand or be deleted, but this middle ground is too slippery a slope.
posted by caitlinb on Jul 19, 2005 - 123 comments

My FPP is poorly worded: administrator, please hope?

My bad: this post is probably worded a bit awkwardly; should probably be something more like "commerce clause grants congress the exclusive power to regulate interstate commerce" or something like that. Point being that other bodies (e.g. state legislatures) aren't allowed. If clear enough, let it sit. Thanks.
posted by rkent on May 16, 2005 - 3 comments

Is there a way to change tags once assigned?

Is there a way to change tags once assigned? In my case, I seem to have misspelled appalachian, but it occurs to me conversations can shift in-thread that an original poster might want to make note of as well.
posted by John Kenneth Fisher on Apr 24, 2005 - 4 comments

Could this question be edited a bit please?

Impulsive skim-reading foodies could be hurt by cooking with tobacco. Could this question be edited a bit please?
posted by i_am_joe's_spleen on Mar 26, 2005 - 59 comments

Edit removes questionable joke: poster would appreciate some followup

A questionable joke (in terms of humor, not [I think] taste) was edited out of my post. I'm not questioning the decision, I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to email or otherwise message to the poster saying "I edited your post because..." so that we can all learn and do better next time.
posted by Capn on Mar 23, 2005 - 86 comments

Post-post tag alteration?

Is there a way to alter the tags once a post has been made? I posted this with the tags "new orleans jazz funeral" and in hindsight, New Orleans and jazz funeral are single entities. Should they have an underscore? Should there be a way to group them? Suggestions?
posted by Igor XA on Jan 25, 2005 - 22 comments

Can I suggest a word limit on Ask Me posts?

Can I suggest a word limit on Ask Me posts? I have just had a look over and the first 2 posts for December 3rd are, in my opinion, rather over the top.
posted by Frasermoo on Dec 3, 2004 - 51 comments

it would be really handy to be able to edit your posts

Linking to my own post as an example, it would be really handy to be able to edit your posts at times. Would this pony ever grow legs and run around the field chasing butterflies and scaring children?
posted by twine42 on Feb 25, 2004 - 13 comments

Is it a good idea to edit a Front Page Post after it's posted

Is it a good idea to edit a Front Page Post after it's posted, changing obvious typos and grammatical mistakes? Isn't that kinda like changing history?
posted by jpburns on Mar 31, 2003 - 19 comments

Editing Posts

Is it possible to have an edit facility? I know there are ample opportunities before you actually post, but some of us like to unwind after work on a Friday with a little drink or three and don't always spot our little boo boos until it's too late, thus incurring the wrath of the less tolerant among us.
If we could edit the post, post posting as it were, it would save embarrassment.
Profound apologies for my too too boo boo on Miguel Carduso's radio thread. Should have caught an earlier choo choo.
posted by Fat Buddha on Mar 8, 2002 - 24 comments

A post delete feature

A post delete feature. My school's internal bbs does this by only allowing you to delete your post if it was the last post to that thread or FP, so no replier ends up looking crazy. Might clear up a lot of duplicate/angry posts.
posted by skyline on Jan 4, 2002 - 12 comments

Should I filter MetaFilter (asks mathowie)?

This thread sucks. The link doesn't jump down to the story, the subject matter isn't very funny or interesting, it's just stupid. The post is too long, the comments are pretty pointless. I would delete it, but it could create more trouble than it is worth. What should be done about sub-par links? Anything? Take the good with the bad?
posted by mathowie on Aug 29, 2001 - 25 comments

Edit posts pony

just wondering.... any way we could get a way to edit our own posts? ... i know there is a preview , but hey, mistakes happen
posted by a11an on Apr 11, 2001 - 5 comments

Cannot edit in IE 5.5

I recently switched to IE 5.5, and I've found that when I "go back to fix a problem" in a followup post, there's nothing there to edit. So I'm stuck with what I wrote the first time.

Oddly enough, I *can* go back to fix a problem on an original post. Is there a difference in how you're doing that on original posts and on followups?
posted by Steven Den Beste on Aug 20, 2000 - 3 comments

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