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Better late than never: This is a post to say thank you to 1f2frfbf for organising the inaugural Mefi Button Swap, and to share the spoils of said swap.

My little parcel of fun arrived over a month ago, but I've been so caught up in a new, proper, pays me real money job, that I hadn't had time to think much about it. And then I realised that there hadn't been a follow up post here, big bad.

The fridge magnet with cooking conversions was particularly timely, even more so as my house has just inherited a breadmaker minus the instruction manual, and being a bit out with your cup can be the difference between mmm tasty fresh bread and oh! no! yeast monster is invading the kitchen.

I also love the I <3 Wilderbeast and the sparkly bits to stick on things.

Also, I now own a fridge magnet of a rabbit with a pancake on it's head. Good times.

My own contribution to the swap were some London tube map badges I made. I probably should have blogged the whole making of process, but I don't have a blog and my digital camera is refusing to do anything except take photos, and I left the whole making of until the very last minute and didn't really have time to faff about.

So big thanks to 1f2frfbf for organising the whole shebang, including putting up with flaky Brits who get distracted by new jobs.

I for one will be looking forward to other crafty/interesting Mefi swaps in the future.
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I agree. I did send 1f2frfbf an email thanking him for organizing it all, but it's an oversight not to have said something here. And I'm glad you liked my fridge magnet and find it useful.
posted by Dave Faris at 2:41 PM on August 19, 2008

I also want to belatedly thank everyone for their contributions. Neat stuff all around, I really enjoyed the stickers/buttons/magnets/bunny-pancake-art that everyone sent. And of course thanks to 1f2frfbf for organizing the swap and sorting out all of those envelopes.
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And the H word rears it's ugly head in MetaTalk once again.
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This is a neat little project. I missed it pretty much when it came around the first time. I have a hard time with 1f2frfbf's handle though, so I just remember this

one fish, two-faced, radio frequency, boyfriend!
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One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
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(that's my guess)
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I like jessamyn's version better. :)
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I had a bet with my husband that the very next comment after mine would be someone saying that jessamyn's was better. Thanks. I'm not saying what my prize is though.
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Actually, I knew what it stood for and managed to screw it up all the time before anyhow. I may be amusing, but iconomy is right.
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What you got against happiness baphomet? ;)
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*blushes quietly*

Thanks guys. The turnout wasn't quite a resounding number, but the quality was great, plus we covered four countries and three continents, so that's pretty cool.

I had hoped to document it better, but life got in the way, and that fell by the wayside, so thanks for posting a photo, helga.

one fish, two-faced, radio frequency, boyfriend

*boggles silently*

I think it's a Suess koan.
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