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NOLA and area residents

A request for all our Metamates to keep us posted here about how they and things are. I ask in case things go bad for the area, and threads pour in concerning that, and we lose track of our members.
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I've been in touch with ColdChef who is staying in the area and he has my contact information to stay in touch.
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Ditto. Here's hoping that all have prepared for the worst, and that the worst doesn't happen. Stay safe, everyone.
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Here in central Mississippi, we just got a small storm cell from the outermost part of Gustav. The wind has also picked up some. We made it thru Katrina and luckily this one might not get too bad for us. But my sister and her family are an hour south in Brookhaven, and they're taking this very seriously since they're closer to the action. Even worse, my uncle calls Gulfport home- he had been in Tennessee on vacation but left today to ride Gustav out at his home. He made it through Katrina, so I hope he'll be fine. Earlier today, gas stations were running out, and our local Target and grocery were seeing brisk business. Local media were reporting of shelters rapidly filling up, and hotels booked all the way up into Tennessee.
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It's a long shot, but if anyone making an escape needs somewhere to go and can stand sharing a room with some boxes (we just moved) and cats, we've got a spare futon that's open for the asking.
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I should add that I'm on the East side of Atlanta.
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Ditto for Davis, California.
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I just spoke with ColdChef about a half hour ago, & I offered overnight contact coverage since I work nights and am up all night anyway. He has my cell number, so we're covered for the wee hours.
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If any other mefites down there want me to be a contavt, MeMail me for my cell #.
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It's a really long way to where I am, but please, if you need something, write me. And I MEAN THAT. I can't even count how many people I've met on the bus here who are from NOLA that had to move because of Katrina. I wish I could call every one of you right now and tell you, but obviously I can't.

Be careful and take care of yourselves and your neighbors that can't take take care of themselves.
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I think maxsparber is Astro Zombie, and thus well out of the way these days-- Minneapolis-St. Paul, yeah?
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Um, no offense to anyone here, but creating linked mailto lists from information from people's profile pages isn't okay. Profile pages are set to nofollow for the Googlebot, MeTa is not that way. WCityMike, I removed your well-meaning comment with the email addresses; lets try to keep people's privacy in mind as we keep their safety in mind please. Thanks.
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I hope that your uncle manages well, figiwriter. I went through two hurricanes in the 90's, a Cat 3 and a Cat 4, and this brings up emotion I would rather forget. But this one isn't about me. Every storm is different and the same, depending on where it chooses to terrorize.
All you hang smart.
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Yeah, I'm out of the way of danger. Well, I'm in Minneapolis, so I'm out of the way of the hurricane. There is always the possibility that the cops might bust down my door and arrest me, thinking I'm an RNC protester.
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A lot of people are posting in the open Gustav thread on the blue. Sorry if I'm butting in, but I thought I'd mention it since some of the people affected might not be checking the gray.
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Be sure you flush your toilet Astro Zombie just in case.
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thanks for the post, Heatwole. i got the hell out of dodge (midcity on the east bank of new orleans) and am holed up about 60 miles north of the city. i figured i'd be out of the flooding and in a position where i could head farther north if necessary. it's looking like we're just going to get tropical storm-force winds here, and that crossing my fingers i'll be able to go home tomorrow or wednesday. thanks, also, for the offers of help. you can't imagine how much it's appreciated. and i hope to NEVER have to take you up on it. ; )
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I'm okay and long fact, I've been out of town all summer, living in a tiny log cabin in the mountains of NC. I was supposed to go back today, in fact, but the nice lady who owns this cabin has extended my stay indefinitely.
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We're starting to see wind here in Lafayette. It's not too bad at this point, but there have been some impressive gusts. I just keep watching the trees trying the gauge how they will hold up later today when the storm really hits. We had a walk around the neighborhood this morning to get the dogs some exercise -they are going to be shut in the house starting this afternoon.

Not many people have left my neighborhood. Thankfully, I am not worried about flooding here, so we just have to brave the wind and hope that we don't have any trees fall through a window or on the roof.

I'm lucky enough to have a brick home and we have a few relatives staying with us. So, it's a pleasant little sleepover (for now). In fact, it's a comical scene with the house populated by six dogs, a cat, and six humans. We feel well prepared with plenty of food, ice and a generator at the ready.

I'll try to post again this afternoon before we lose power or our internet connection. Good luck everyone!
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Thanks MotorNeuron. Good luck to you.
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It still doesn't feel like a hurricane here -more like a bad storm. I expect all that to change in the next hour. I need to put an end to my tree-watching vigil because I am begining to worry myself watching them sway. But really, so far so good.

Things are about to get interesting, though.
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The rain let up a bit, so I went for a walk around my neighborhood. The wind was whipping around and there were no cars, no people, nothing. It was very frantic but strangely calm at the same time. Then, a falling tree limb crashed about five feet from me and I ran home shaking. Yes, I'm an idiot. Staying inside for now.

Oh, also, the roof peeled off of my shed in the back. When the eye passes, I'm going to try running out there to nail it back down. I'm too delicate for this type of thing!
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What time is the eye due to pass, ColdChef?
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In about three hours.
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Hang onto the Mrs. and the minis, Chef!
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It is really windy now. We are losing tree limbs and are simply awed by the power of this thing.

The family is safe and sound but we seem to have a tenuous hold on power right now. It is blinking on and off. The gusts are amazing to watch. The trees seem to be holding up so far.

It's raining fairly hard, but I don't think flooding is going to be an issue here. All is well, but man, this thing is impressive.
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Shit -- if I may, via ColdChef's Twitter, I'll post this:

No lights, no phone. All kinds of trees falling. Chaotic. $wife is freaking.


We're huddled together in our den. Silent except for the wind roaring outside.

Those are both via Twitter. Keep good thoughts, or pray, if you do either of those.
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I just got three text messages from ColdChef - I'm guessing he has no computer access at the moment.

3:47 PM EST - Tree just fell in my back yard crushing my shed Ive got it on video.
3:48 PM EST - No ligts no phone All kinds of trees falling Chaotic Gina is freaking.
3:49 PM EST - Were huddled together in our den silent except for the wind roaring outside

And one more while I was typing:

3:51 PM EST - We can hear a tornado.
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more: We can hear a tornado. 3 minutes ago from txt
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Yeah I just read that myself. Scary scary.
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I am safe in San Antonio with family. darainwa is with his family near Dallas.

This is so freakin scary. Poor ColdChef. He lives in Zachary which is North of Baton Rouge so at least he is inland some.
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I realize the only problem he could currently be experiencing could be loss of cell phone service, but I will feel much better when ColdChef updates his Twitter again.
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He just called me! Everybody is OK!
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Yay! I tried to call, got the "circuits are busy" msg.
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Late to this thread, and looks like Gustav has weakened, but for future reference I'm also happy to help LA/MS/etc mefites relocating to the nashville area, as much as i can.
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I just got off the phone with ColdChef- he and his family are all right, if in the dark for the time being. Says they had a scary moment or two, but it's calm now. He's going to take his laptop to a relative's and get on dialup tomorrow if he can to update us on what damage he sees- says they heard reports of five tornadoes in his immediate area, and actually heard two of them.

He says "Hi" to everyone, and thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers. It's hot and sweaty there, but he's gathered some folks together at his house and are turning it into a party :)
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He just called me! Everybody is OK!

Thank god, hang in there Chef.
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ColdChef sounds a little worse for wear, but they've made it through. Now the cleanup begins. I think he's happy to have the opportunity to thank everybody for keeping a good thought.

This is a good community.
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It's hot and sweaty there, but he's gathered some folks together at his house and are turning it into a party :)

Good on 'em; they've bloody well earned it (this was bonechilling).
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ColdChef, those text messages were terrifying! I'm glad you and your family are okay.
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Zalary (my dear girlfriend and co-worker) is safe and sound in Pensacola, where they've had plenty of rain but (luckily) nothing more dire.
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By the by, you can get today's entire Times-Picayune free in .pdf format from their website. Link.
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Having evacuated to Fayetteville, it appears this storm is hunting me down. I'm really sorry, Arkansas.
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Me and my family are safely in north Texas, but we're still trying to get info on our Gretna (westbank) house. Anyone stayed in town who has heard anything specific about Gretna?
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*sigh* I'm specifically looking for details on flooding and tornadoes.
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ColdChef Update - They've run out of cold beer, and tensions are running high :) He drove around town a little bit during a lull in the rain, lots of trees down & houses with trees in them. Expecting 16 inches of rain today & the streets are starting to flood. It's not over yet, apparently, and food spoilage is becoming an issue. Still no power and no estimate of when there will be, the local utility company says 190 powerlines and 210 substations are out of service.
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If i was closer, I'd load the van with dry ice and water & make a mercy run.
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Another ColdChef update (remember him and the other quarter-million people in and around Baton Rouge who still have no electricity?): he's evacuated his wife and kids out of the state, but is still in the area, picking up bodies and essentially "stacking them up" until funerals can start after power is restored to the area - which may be another two weeks. For all the feel-good stories about how New Orleans dodged a bullet and the lessons of Katrina were learned, goldurnit, the damage from Gustav to Baton Rouge will far surpass that of Katrina and any other storm of the last forty years.
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I sent ColdChef a present. Apparently mail is getting delivered now.
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I just got back to New Orleans early this morning. Power is spotty Uptown where I live. There is some scattered debris but it's been cleared out of the streets. I have no power but our water is working. Parts of Jefferson Parish (suburb directly West of the City) are having sewage problems - yipes!

Baton Rouge is a bit of a clusterf*ck. Power was out through much of the city when we drove through, and the gas stations that did have power had lines a mile long. Fortunately we were able to get gas easily when we got back to the City.

yhbc, I'm not sure that BR got full-on damage as much as the power-outages are widespread and there are some downed trees. No levees broke, they aren't having to stage mass rescue efforts of stranded people from their rooftops, the cops and National Guard are watching for looters, and nobody is stuck in the Superdome or Convention Center.
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Long time, no see.
posted by ColdChef at 8:31 PM on September 4, 2008

Folks, I've never met this man in my life.
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