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I've been wanting to move to Toronto for years, and now I'm finally able to do so! Now I have some questions...

I'm 21, got my bachelor's degree in Marketing, and currently work as an Advertising Executive for Village Voice Media in New York City (it's the most successful alternative weekly paper in America). I was able to get the job because I have much work experience and self-started my own graphics company. However, I have been yearning to live in Toronto for a few years, and want to move within the next year. Due to my age and lack of any responsibilities holding me back, I feel that moving soon is right for me. Of course, I have a few questions:

1. I plan on having my passport by November of this year, and would like to move in the Fall of 2009. Is this time frame possible?

2. Is being a young professional a positive or negative trait in Toronto? Will my age be a factor in being able to get professional positions? (I'll be 22-23 by then...My Bday is late Sept.)

3. Is the job market going well for those with my degree? I've been reading and getting mixed reviews of the Toronto job scene...some indicate that more positions (and better opportunities) are available in Alberta.

4. How is the salary VS. the standard of living up there? I currently make around $60,000 in NYC right now, and am lucky to not have to pay rent (my family still own property here). If I did, however, my salary would barely cover living expenses (a one bedroom apt. here is around $2,000 per month...then add travel, food, get the point). Is this true for you all in Toronto?

5. Is it recommended to have a car? I used to live in Tennessee (my dad's from there and refused to raise me in the city), but sold my car because I knew the transportation system in NYC was more than adequate.

6. Will my past job experience even matter in Toronto? I hear that it may not...and that's not a good thing. I'd basically have to start all over again with no previous work identity.

7. I plan on visiting the city in April, 2009...what are the specific institutions I should be in contact with while I'm there? Any particular websites? Any decent people on here who would befriend me and show me around? :-)

All answers are appreciated...especially if you're around my age or job level.

Thanks Guys! I just feel that Toronto is right for me, and I tend to follow my heart on decisions like these...that's why I came back to NYC in the first place.
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Try this on Ask Metafilter.
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Sooo, meet-up at your place?
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Yeah, this is something you should post over at AskMe, not here in Metatalk.
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