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Remember that time I kinda flipped out a little bit on MeTa about that AskMe question about how to get Zimbabwean dollars on the cheap?

I was kind of emotional about it and it didn't go so hot, and I said some stuff that I wound up feeling bad about. So yeah, sorry about that, I could have done it better. I would like to thank those who were kind enough to help me at that time:

Brandon Blatcher and languagehat - you were both kind enough to help guide me back in the right direction. Thanks.

cortex - thanks for bearing with me and my frustration. I appreciate you appreciating my point of view.

- you made one of the best comments I've ever read on this site in that thread. I hope you're still around.

- I'm finally resolving your original question for you that started all of this in the first place.

I'd be happy to send each of you a Zim bill by way of thanks - you need only to mefi-mail me your mailing address if you'd like one. fwiw given the devaluation a couple months back and the continuing inflation, even if these bills weren't expired (they are), they would be worth less than 1/10th of $0.01 cents, as near as I can figure.
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Hey, where's MY apology??! Oh wait, I was more of a dick than you, so nevermind. And sorry. And good on you for this. Maybe I can buy you a beer at the next NYC meet-up you can get to in exchange for a Zim bill?
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I'll be really excited to see this revisited in a few years when Europeans are posting to AskMe looking for dollar-bill toilet paper to buy as a gag gift. I bet the American contingent on the site gets super huffy THEN...
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Dredging this up because it seems pertinent now, but I'm not huffy at all! any Europeans interested in this MeMail me, can also give you a good deal on a matching paper towel dispenser filled with my 401K stocks.
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Challah: Alas, the economic crisis has put non-US currency in the shitter.
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You've had a front row seat for the suffering of the people of Zimbabwe so it is understandable that you might react a little strongly on this issue. Some of the mefi snark and wit that can be so amusing on most occasions can really rub the wrong way when you really care about or have deep knowledge of a particular issue which is getting that treatment. To combat that, I am an advocate of the NOPIPO rule - no posting if pissed off. Glad that you didn't leave over this ;-)
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Could I have a hug too please?
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no-pipo, no-pip-o, nop-ipo, no-pi-po

I'm going to say this all day long.
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Please notice that I was not an asshole in that thread.
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Are you going to not be an asshole in this thread as well?
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Someone please link to the awesome comment by loiseau!
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*hugs jofus in long and tender embrace*

No big deal allkindsoftime, but thanks the fortitude and humanity to apologize, you're my kinda people!* This sort of threads sometimes seem silly or outta place, afterall it was so long ago most have forgotten it. But making the effort and seeing positive posts in MetaTalk is always nice.

*When the zombie holocaust comes, you'll be one of the last people I leave behind.
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Someone please link to the awesome comment by loiseau!


(I'd also like to point out that I was not a jerk in the thread, and would proudly display any Zimbabwean dollars sent to me on my refridgerator.)
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allkindsoftime, you're a mensch. That thread was a bit of a ride, but there's no doubt you were coming from a good place fundamentally. Thanks for acknowledging the other side of the equation.

Here's loiseau's comment.
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This is one of the reasons I love Metafilter.

*hugs everyone*
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I was just thinking about that question. Really the answers should have begun and ended at eBay. What other way is there for some random dude in Zimbabwe with an internet connection to mail directly to Joe Plumber in the USA?
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Wow. Well done, allkindsoftime. And that comment by loiseau was fantastic. I love you all!
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Posting in anger is not all bad any more than posting in bliss is. Both can lead to inane verbiage. Both can also stimulate a discussion. How angry (or blissful) you are is the question. If you're bubbling over, forget it. Take the dog for a walk, air guitar to some Dead Kennedys, run away from home and join the circus. But if you've got the restraint, hit preview, sit on it for a while, track the discussion, re-read your comment, finesse it and then as Nelly McClung said, "Never recant; never apologize; never explain. Get the job done and let them howl." Passion is proof of life after all.
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Zim Dollar
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I would like to apologize for the stuff I served you all last night, during Norsefest, when we were watching Beowulf, that I claimed was mead. It was just white wine that I poured some honey into. And later, when I told you all that I had done the blood eagle on a guy once, I was lying. All I did was out some sticky notes on his back with pictures of wings and the words "Blood eagle me."

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I think I favorite half of what allkindsoftime writes here, and loiseau's comment was right on the mark.

Mefi, FTW. Again.
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