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I've been looking for a MeFi post that talked about the French Revolution, but can't seem to find it....

I remember the post said (or linked to a site that said) something along the lines of how the French Revolution lasted as long as it did because the nobility's attitude of dying with dignity and deigning to be executed in silence (or at least, not being dragged kicking screaming and crying to the guillotine...) reinforced the lower classes' impression of them (the nobility) being cold and not very human...
(Sorry if that's a bit vague; I'm trying my best to remember!) I've been searching MeFi for that post, but somehow can't find it. Does it exist? (I really hope this isn't my memory being weird...)
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Is it either of these?

If not, I got nuthin'
posted by Effigy2000 at 9:55 PM on October 30, 2008

Can you guess about how long ago the link was posted?
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Aielen, I remember having read the very same thing long ago, but not on MeFi. In particular, it was that the facade was broken when one young aristocrat women went to her death without dignity -- crying, pleading, begging the whole way on the walk to the guillotine -- and the crowd's opinion turned against the executioner. She still died, there, but I recall reading the same idea: that if they had been more emotional, not so many would have died.

Once you find out where we've both heard this story (and I'm certain it wasn't on MeFi), I'll be happy, because this is one of those little nuggets of data that has been in my head for years. Whether it's true or not.
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Google Les Mis!
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Well, now I'm curious too (and I don't recall having seen this on MeFi). Please post the answer if you find it!
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You say you want a revolution?

I *really* hope this turns up.
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That is interesting... come on, aielen, find it!
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come on, aielen

Y'know... I didn't see what I just did there until just now.
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