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Jessamyn will be in Denver tomorrow and I suggested a meetup. She would prefer something near Marriott Denver Tech Center. Any suggestions for a place?
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Obviously her hotel room, so that the furniture could be tested for it's ability to fly once thrown out the window, and for the its supply of lamp-shades to be worn as hats.

Wait, this isn't the democratic convention meetup thread?
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Hey, I'm visiting in Denver too! I don't know anything about restaurants/bars here (except for a few downtown), but I'd love to come to a meetup if it can work out since I've missed the last few San Francisco ones!
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Oh hells no, I'm going to miss another one. With Jessamyn no less! Someone get me out of here and back to Denver, stat!

If you haven't already, try and get ahold of lonefrontranger and dr, they are pretty good at the mobilization.
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Denver Tech Center is south of downtown. Maybe we should try The Lift in the hotel.
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Where are you, - t?
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Still in TN. :-(
posted by -t at 12:17 PM on November 7, 2008

I could probably be up for something. Seeing as it's a special occasion and all. I don't know anywhere near the Tech Center though. Never wandered that way at all.

I've emailed LFR and Fieldtrip for advice. I *think* the Tech Center is on the light rail so if The Lift loses favour* LoDo / Downtown could be doable.

i.e. doesn't sell 90 Shilling :)
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Thanks. YES WE CAN!
posted by lukemeister at 1:04 PM on November 7, 2008

Everything that I know about the Tech Center is tres suck. I'm more than willing to be proven wrong but I think everything down there is chain restaurant/bars and cheesiness--and I used to commute there everyday so I have some limited experience.

I really think Falling Rock Taphouse, as much as I would like a change, is a good option downtown and convenient to all light-rail, buses, bike paths. I would love to hear another option.

NailTheCat is correct there is lightrail along I-25 from the Tech Center to downtown. It is very easy....I don't know if it is convenient to Jessamyn's hotel....actually, it looks like there should be a lightrail stop rather close (walkable) at Belleview/I-25.

Either which way, I'm in. Nails or somebody keep me posted on when/where, please!
posted by fieldtrip at 2:35 PM on November 7, 2008

Thanks for the suggestions. Top consideration is to make it easy for jessamyn, so I'll wait to see what she thinks.
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Here's my deal, I'm at the tech center. I am fine going someplace that is NOT the tech center, but I don't want to take complicated public transpo (direct light rail is fine) or drive because I've been schlepping around places I don't know all week. If someone would like to drive me someplace that is cooler than the tech center area and drop me back [someone not drinking too heavily if that's possible] I'm game to go anyplace that's got food/drink and hopefully not a live band.

Ideas? I've got sporadic net access but I'm basically free-ish after about 3 pm Saturday, leaving Sunday. Looking forward to it!
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Additional observations to complicate the mix:

* It's a short walk to the light rail.

* We could meet at the Marriott and then light rail it in. That will save jessamyn trotting around on her own trying to find the Falling Rock.

* I don't really object to driving. (I shall be downtown tonight so if I drink heavily enough I can probably put myself off alcohol for 24 hours.)

* I'm only in 95% for sure. (Wife's friend in town so I may have been committed to something without my knowledge.)

* I love the Falling Rock.
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Well, I don't drink at all so I can do some driving. I'm not at all familiar with well, anything here but I bought myself a GPS so I can figure it out....
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Thanks for the offer. Is your not drinking yodeling-related?
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Yeah, drinking really messes my reverb
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HI! gah I hate the fact that work blocks MeFi...

I also vote for Falling Rock taphouse, if only for selfish reasons in that:

a) it is close to my house
b) everyone else in the Denver meetup crowd knows it and loves it and they serve GREAT beer
c) they have comfy couches! Comfy couches FTW!!!
d) I am a loser and don't have a car L:(
e) the Tech Center is a suburban wasteland pit of suckage as fieldtrip alluded to.

thanks everyone for doing the deed on this! I will bring the camera!
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-t I swear i've been working diligently on my teleporter over here, but there's still just an eentsy problem with the reassembly process, if ya kwim...
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I could most probably show up at a meetup tomorrow night, hope the turnout for the Election Night festivities was good. I'd prefer downtown (has anyone mentioned Falling Rock yet? :) ) over Tech Center.
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Okay can someone give me a "getting to Falling Rock using public transpo for Dummies" guide, and I'll plan to see you all there? Please don't use directions like North or East if at all possible, I barely know what time zone I'm in, thanks!
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 8:39 PM on November 7, 2008

What time is this going to happen?
posted by yodelingisfun at 9:05 PM on November 7, 2008

Seriously, I can pick you up Jessamym if you don't want to figure out the transit thing.
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I'd actually be better off figuring it out heading over than getting home. But I'm easy to fetch too if it's more or less on your way. My cell is 508-415-9074, feel free to call after 4 or so.
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Hey Jessamyn,

Welcome to our humble city! This linkage should take you to a google map (with public transpo option selected) of directions guiding you from your hotel to Falling Rock Taphouse (1919 Blake Street, Denver). Basically, you walk a smidge, hop on the train, walk a little longer smidge and you are there!

Walk 7 mins to Belleview Station (Belleview and I-25)
(I think you cross a pedestrian bridge from your side of the interstate to the side that has the light-rail station)(When you walk across the bridge north will be to your right and will be the direction you will be traveling)

Get on line E to downtown (it will say Union Station on it). Ride on the lovely train for 28 mins)

Get off at Union Station which is the end of the line anyways.

Walk South-east on 16th St (towards the city, not towards the park-pedestrian bridge area)) or 17th St if you find the tunnel under the train station.

Turn left on Blake Street, walk 3 and a 1/2 blocks and the Taphouse will be on your left...kind of set back from the street.
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Oh, and I propose that we meet at the Taphouse at 7pm!
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proper link
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Shit, that didn't work at all. Just put in the addresses and select the public transportation option. I don't know how many cities have this yet on google maps but it rocks.
posted by fieldtrip at 10:03 PM on November 7, 2008

Excellent, thank you, I think I can figure it out so maybe I'll hit someone up for a ride back.
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 10:33 PM on November 7, 2008

What's this I hear about a Falling Rock?

See you all tonight!
posted by lukemeister at 5:05 AM on November 8, 2008

gah! my weekend is so busy I hardly have time to think, let alone meet up. *tear* Have a good time, y'all!
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Thank you all, this seems totally manageable, see you this evening!
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I tried putting this meetup on the sidebar on the main page, but failed miserably. Anyone want to try?
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Yeah I'll do the sidebar, can you email us at the contact form and let us know what trouble you were having?
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Note the Marriot is owned by Mormons. There's something of a boycott of their business going on right now.

Here's hoping y'all are merely using it as a landmark, and not giving them any money.
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fff, the Colorado Association of Libraries is having their conference there. Amusingly, they cancelled my reservations last night accidentally so I can say that no, I am not giving them a dime. Also my new hotel is closer to the light rail.
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fff, Didn't know that. Thanks for the tip.
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This is interesting. Didja know that in the USA, it is illegal to boycott Israel?
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It was great meeting everyone!
posted by yodelingisfun at 7:57 PM on November 8, 2008

Nice meeting you, yodelingisfun!
posted by lukemeister at 10:53 PM on November 8, 2008

Totally fun to meet everyone and I even met the ticket taker on the light rail!
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 11:51 PM on November 8, 2008

o_O woah. In all my six months riding lightrail on a semi-regular basis I have NEVER seen an RTD official of any sort on the trains. How many kids did he huck off the train for not having a pass/ticket? People do that a fair amount here because they rarely check and I get the impression there's a considerable, erm, youth element that takes advantage.

photos up hopefully later this evening!
posted by lonefrontranger at 5:11 AM on November 9, 2008

Nice meeting you lonefrontranger, and I'm looking forward to the pictures!
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I'm finally going to read The Soul of a New Machine. I love Tracy Kidder, but I had no idea the book is about jessamyn's dad!
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Seeing the attendant on the light rail is like spotting Bigfoot or something.

*impatienty awaits photos*
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Here are the SAO photos I talked about, lukemeister. I wish there were more details. This white thing is sort of like the thing that my sister and I played in when we were kids.
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Thanks, jessamyn! Wow, I have no idea what the white thing is. Have a good flight back!

-t, we missed you last night!
posted by lukemeister at 9:45 AM on November 9, 2008

Great to see you all, guys. Let's organize another meet-up before xmas.

Fieldtrip, I hope you got back ok.

Ticket inspectors: They only seem to materialize outside of office hours 9am > 6pm. When I use the light rail to commute I often get inspected -- twice on the way home one time.
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It was great to see all of you! Jessamyn, I'm glad you made it back to your hotel okay--and I'm also surprised/impressed that you met the RTD ticket checker, I think I've only seen one once.
-t, we did miss you dearly. We all look forward to seeing you whenever you return--in the meantime our thoughts are with you in Tennessee.
Nails, I made it back just fine. And the cab driver was listening to the BBC which was just great.
posted by fieldtrip at 11:30 AM on November 9, 2008

I have one blurry proof-of-concept photo that I put up, I'll see if any more are salvageable. The ticket taker guy was a Wackenhut cop. When he first came through I handed him my ticket from the way there by accident and he gave me this look that was part glare part "awww yeah you are so KICKED OFF the train..." but I found my ticket and it was all fine. I'm in the airport now, heading out in an hour. Anyone have the final list of who was there? I added "met" to everyone in this thread but I know there were more people there ["fake new years" gal, for example] than just people who have commented.

jasper411, sorry you didn't make it, it would have been fun to say hello.
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Yes jasper411, sorry you weren't there. It you're back in Denver again just holler. We don't meet up as frequently as we should but it doesn't take much to wake us up and get together.

fieldtrip, glad to see you made it! And great about the BBC :)
jessamyn, hope you had an pleasant and uneventful journey back.
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srsly, I really do need to invest in a new speedlight. but GAHD how I hate shooting flash. I did take a few happy-snap photos with the point-and-shoot but I swear I hate fixing redeye even more than I hate jumping thru hoops to rescue the available-light shots.

Conditions in the pub were tremendously dark, so yea these are blurry, soft, dark and noisy but I managed to salvage a few.
posted by lonefrontranger at 7:20 PM on November 9, 2008

LFR, those are great fun! You did some amazing rescue given that our comfy couch area was very dark.
posted by fieldtrip at 8:00 PM on November 9, 2008

Mefites: Blurry, soft, dark and noisy

Thanks for the pictures, lonefrontranger!
posted by lukemeister at 8:03 PM on November 9, 2008

Nice photos!
posted by yodelingisfun at 8:20 PM on November 9, 2008

Is it Fake-New Year's yet? I could really use a good excuse to drink a lot more 90 shilling. Jessamyn, (no z's) I'm so glad that you visited us lowly D-town MeFites. Next up: Cortex, pb, and Mathowie! Then the world...
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pb is working on adding beer ratings and, ultimately, downloads to the site.
posted by lukemeister at 8:43 PM on November 9, 2008

Let's get pb cracking on that project! I'm disappointed that BeerAdvocate only gave it a B+ but I am pleased that the founders gave it an deserved A. How did 90 Shilling become the official beer of Denver MeFites anyways? Could we get sponsored?
posted by fieldtrip at 8:55 PM on November 9, 2008

Nails gets an enormous cheque from Odell every month to promote their wares. The mods are discussing how to deal with this blatant conflict of interest.
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I made it home just fine! Hello from Vermont. Nice pix lfr!
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 9:54 PM on November 9, 2008

Sorry bibliowench and I couldn't join you. Here's one photo of Jessamyn from our three-member-meetup (plus kids) in Colorado Springs, chez bibliowench & bevedog.
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In fairness to Marriot, a follow-up: Their blog claims they are leaders in recognizing same-sex partnership rights for their employees. The CEO, though Mormon, is distancing himself from the church's actions.
posted by five fresh fish at 11:53 PM on November 11, 2008

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