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I seem to remember an fpp about a webpage that acts as a google translate frontend. It supposedly makes translating quickly between languages a bit easier. Does this sound familiar to any of you?
posted by matkline to MetaFilter-Related at 9:41 PM (4 comments total)

I don't know about a Mefi post, but your description reminded me of this article I saw on Lifehacker a few days ago.
posted by Rhaomi at 10:19 PM on December 15, 2008

Is this it? It's not Google (it was, and is now a brokenlink by the looks of it) but it sounds sort of like what you're describing.

If not, my searching skills have found nothing, and sorry.
posted by Effigy2000 at 11:53 PM on December 15, 2008

Nice Translator?
posted by Wet Spot at 8:42 AM on December 16, 2008 [1 favorite]

It was actually, Thanks all for your help.
posted by matkline at 1:56 PM on December 17, 2008

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