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Metaprinter: Q&A with founder Matt Haughey
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Interview by Mefi's own Paleoindian.

I tried to take out "Mefi's own" there & it just looked wrong.
posted by Pronoiac at 8:58 AM on December 18, 2008

This interview was weird because I answered half of it, then left it for a month (shitty thing to do on my part), then returned last night to complete it, so it's like reading a stranger's interview.

The front pages of newspaper sites are pretty much useless and I never go there, but I was surprised to find out I said that when I first read the interview today.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 9:12 AM on December 18, 2008

Matt Who-ie?
posted by blue_beetle at 11:13 AM on December 18, 2008

Very interesting Q & A, Matt and Paleoindian. Thanks for posting this, CC!
posted by Lynsey at 11:31 AM on December 18, 2008

blue_beetle: Oh, you know. Number one. Not number two.
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Thanks again Matt for the interview. I think your point about not entering through a newspaper's front page has serious implications for their inability to make money. If they could dynamically synchronize their highest cpm's to their most viewed articles they'd probably make 2x revenue overnight. -will they? Will they start focusing on communities? .tick tock

-Robert Ivan
posted by Paleoindian at 1:04 PM on December 18, 2008

You've misspelled 'Todd Lokken'.
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If things get tight, I may launch more sub-sites within MetaFilter
posted by Pants! at 8:55 AM on December 19, 2008

Uh oh.
posted by Brandon Blatcher at 9:02 AM on December 19, 2008

If things get tight, I may launch more sub-sites within MetaFilter

I meant that in the way that some things are very lucrative, but I don't feel like doing them. Take TravelFilter. It would be an advertising goldmine, but I'm still 50-50 on whether it needs to be a separate thing or not.

If the market totally tanks 2001-style, and the decision has to be made to either lay people off, or start lucrative subsites, I may choose to add a new section of MeFi.
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Might I suggest the guaranteed moneymaker BookFilter?

What, me, a broken record?

It's not like I walk around shouting BOOFI! at random, passing strangers.

Not often, anyway.
posted by Kattullus at 11:19 AM on December 19, 2008

Excellent interview, thanks.
posted by bru at 2:27 PM on December 19, 2008

I read on Slashdot that mathowie only conducts interviews in the bathtub via written missives slipped under the door.
posted by baphomet at 3:23 PM on December 19, 2008

Matt, please choose an appropriate thing for me to circumambulate to honor you.
posted by cowbellemoo at 8:15 PM on December 19, 2008

I, too, prefer the more-subsites option.
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If you covered the foibles of travel it would be greeeat.

I'm on an unexpected layover right now. Posting a misplaced blog entry has never been so appealing. Hm, is there a wiki page indexing travel questions?
posted by Pronoiac at 10:42 PM on December 20, 2008

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