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Should've known better... I presume you didn't meant to post this to the front page, dude. -- cortex

But it's kind of hard when you've had a wound to the head and are going through post-recovery on that. My bad I guess. I'll try and do better next time...

I almost died and came back to tell you how much I love you ;) It was a drunk driver who was speeding on his Maruti Swift and rammed into me while I was going home at 11:30 at night. People standing there who saw the state I was in afterwords thought I probably wouldn't live but decided to call the ambulance service just in-case, but unfortunately couldn't manage to get the number of the guy who hit me. I was almost immediately taken to "Yashodha" hospital but since I had fallen so badly, and bumped the road while I was landing a couple of times, everybody thought I was a goner, but they thought the least they could do was call up my parents and tell them about what had happened. I had left home three hours ago and still wasn't back and my father, from whom I had taken the money to go out and eat some haleem at night (since it was the ending of Ramadan) was starting to wonder now what was taking me so long, and my mom got the call from Yashoda. At first everyone was hesitant to tell her what had happened and so she told my father to pick up the phone from down-stairs. Realizing that I had been in a serious accident they woke up my little sister and drove to the hospital. I was still out cold (with major injuries to my left leg [it was broken] and my head [it was hit in the left which had caused damage to the brain and the swelling of it on the right side] and no one knew if I would wake up again. Everyone (my intire family was called up) and given the news and all of them came to visit me soon. My other sister who's in Baltimore right now booked the first flight out of there, along with her husband (who happens to be a doctor) and both of them took good care of me. Talking to the doctors daily and making sure I was getting the right treatment. Must've worked, because people who saw me that day said I had a five percent chance of serviving. But here I am, on my way to recovery, serprising everyone who saw me that day. I just have this pain and tenderness in my left leg to get over (the brain's alright thank-god) and my vocabulary to get together, and I'll be okay, but what a journey it's been. I've changed so much in the passing few months that I've gotten better. Physically (I still have to work on it); Spiritually (for giving me my life back); and Monitorally (my mom and dad and everyone else has made such a huge contribution in me) that I have to work seriously and pay them back...
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Glad to hear you're ok, but a copy/pasted email posted for the entire community is kind of a weird post for MetaTalk, so I'm gonna close this up. Anyone that wants to contact hadjiboy can use MeFi Mail.
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