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Can someone please point me to a FAQ or help section on this weird editor? I want to know specifically
a) how to post a link in a comment and
b) how to set bold, italics, other fonts, etc.

thanks. . .

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Norm: so far as I know, there's no FAQ, but here's a couple of quick guidelines.

Note: because of the previewing and the fact that any tags I write will be rendered as html, replace every instance of [ and ] with < and > respectively.

Also, using the View Source option of your browser will easily reveal the tags people use.

To make a link, use an "A" tag. The format is:

[A HREF="http://www.your-url-here.tld"]Link Text[/A]

that will render as:

Link Text

For bold, use the bold tag, [b] and it's corresponding close tag [/b]

Italics are the same way, using [i] and [/i] around your text.

To learn more tags and some more about HTML, a great reference is the Bare Bones Guide to HTML.

A good tutorial about design issues (not really relevant for posting at MeFi, but still interesting stuff to read if you want to get into doing a personal site) is Zeldman's Ask Dr. Web.
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sigh. Of course. I forgot that there's no comment preview here. Where you see &lt; and &gt;, I actually meant < and >, respectively.
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whoa. That's crazy.
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