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BUSTED! A follow up! My father found out what the mysterious substance was, but I didn't tell him...

One of his co-workers told him! This is a nightmare come true! Well, not really, but I can't believe this guy blurted it out.

I took everyone's advice in my post. I denied...denied...and denied knowing anything about traces of this orange powder, known as Adderall, that was found on his coffee table and antique iron. My dad had a co-worker come over yesterday to move an old broken screen TV from the second floor to outside by the trash. He showed a little to his co-worker. For some reason, my father refused to completely clean up the substance, until he found out what it was.

My dad's co-worker looked at the powder and said, "Oh I know exactly what this is, it is Adderall!" Then my dad said "What is Adderall?" This is funny, because I took Adderall for 5 years. The co-worker said, "It is used to treat ADHD, it is a stimulant that stronger than caffiene but weaker than crack. Some people like to crush and snort it to get high!" I had to rat out my friend, because I didn't want him to think it was me!

True to his nature, he is shitting bricks about this. I can't really blame him though. People asked me why I didn't clean it up...I thought it was removed completely, it was pretty dark in the living room so I didn't see the orange streaks on the table, and I was completely unaware that the iron was used to crush it at that time.

I feel pretty secure in my job right now, I don't think I will be kicked to the curb anytime soon. I am now looking for somewhere else to live. I just hope I can find some roommates too, so I can afford this.
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That thread is still open, you know.
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Yes, it is, but who looks at threads that is almost a week old?
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Anyone who has commented in it. Please post this there, thanks.
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