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I'm so bored I can shit. I would like some links to some entertaining posts. Thanks. :)

I've only been here for a year and read a lot of interesting posts. I know there must be more. I'm looking for entertaining posts that was made before my time or that I have overlooked.

I'm looking for stuff along the lines of rare life situations, not those relationshipfilters where someone asks "Does she like me? How do I make a move?" or posts asking for restaurant recommendations.

I'm talking about stuff along the lines of...
People are still favoriting scarabic's reply, and the post was created way back in 2004. :)
A metafilter classic!

There was a post with a woman who was kind of convinced that her husband was trying to kill her.

There was another post about a member suspecting shady activities going on in the apartment across from her. I just remember people coming up with some crazy and creative possiblities.
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You need medical/psychiatric attention. You need drama and attention and you are using metafilter to get it.
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Thanks for the links!
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You need fucking giant Yellow Burmese Pythons for your boring living room.
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Will you go to the prom with me, sixcolors? It'll be awesum.
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Dear Metafilter,

I think am the craziest thing on Metafilter and I would like to see some crazy.


Also, FUCK YOU if this gets deleted, because this is the most meta meta post ever.
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I think Toecutter will come up with one soon. Hang tight.
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The best shit can be found here. *Disclaimer: somewhat of a self link.
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I'm going to take this post to Meta and prove dmd wrong...
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But would you be shitting, or going blind?
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How about that AskMeFi where you ranted about why older, non-drunk college students wouldn't buy your cookies? That was a pretty ridiculous thread.

This is really -- not what MeTa is for.
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You're an obnoxious troll. Please go away.
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You need to stop using Metafilter as an outlet for your boredom, sixcolors. I'm not being silly or snarky or taking a cheap shot here: this is something you really, really need to work on. Please find something to do with your excess energy other than flailing around on metafilter.
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