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What's this? Some sort of website that has countdown until I get banned?

When was this created?

Who created this?

Whose idea was this?

I don't have a lot to say about this. Just "wow", in my five years being active in online communities I've received everything from death threats to "hey bitch, I'm sending a link from THAT post to the feds!".

The answer is a big NO, of course. Why? I have not broken any rules that were listed on this site. Maybe the "chatfilter" one, which is hell of a vague term, enough that there are several debates about the term here on MeTa several times a month. Because I have not flat out broken any rules on the site, if the mods banned me it would be unfair, this is a place where people share their diverse viewpoints on life, popular or not. Banning people that have unpopular opinions is not what metafilter is supposed to be about.

Whoever created the website and whoever supports the website and my banning, seems to have a classic case of "Oh, she/he THINKS DIFFERENTLY, therefore what he/she thinks is WRONG! And we don't like him/her, so lets just get rid of them!" and "How dare she talks back!!! Why don't she just shut up and leave!"

A more creepy undertone is that it appears that, for some reason, many people here believe that I am somehow inferior to them. I guess this goes back to my last paragraph. People seem very very eager to try to knock me down a peg. Many of my questions were about me asking how to get a decent job, find a decent significant other, and how to make extra money. Nothing out of the ordianary, right? Tons of similar questions. Instead of staying on subject and giving good suggestions, some people just accuse me of having the "special snowflake" syndrome or a raging sense of entitlement.
I don't recall ever asking like "How should I score a six-figure gig???" or "Oh, how do I find the perfect soul mate? They must be rich, a perfect 10 in looks, and give me head before I go to work every morning!!!11". Nope, I don't ask those type of questions, because I don't deserve to make six figures a year or have the most attractive most powerful significant other.

I'm asking about stuff that I think that are within my league. Personally I think I aim quite low. I have a masters degree, and I am on here asking about PART-TIME jobs. Apparently, some people have such a low opinion of me, that when I ask how to find something simple as a good part-time job or whatever, I must have inflated self-worth.

That is all. But that's the reason why I have not been banned yet (I believe), I haven't really done anything to deserve it, other than being disliked.
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Do you honestly not recognize the correlation between the attention you get around here and the attention you constantly draw to yourself?
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I don't have a lot to say about this (the website itself).
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Hey they went there. Whoever created that website, and leaked it out here on metafilter.
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If you do a Google search for "sixcolors ask metafilter", you get a blog post mentioning the site, which will answer your bannination status with a definite No.
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Jesus wept.
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Do you have a countdown ban-timer that displays on your profile? Because that would rock.
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Positive attention vs. Negative attention

I give this thread under an hour before it's closed. Surprise me.
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I have no idea what you are talking about but I'm pretty sure this isn't the right way to go about it.
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The site also has the capacity to check on the account status of any other user on the site, although I forget the link to that section.
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I think that site—which I only know exists because you just made a goddamn post about it—is silly and lame, but... this:

cortex: "I think "troll" is a really overloaded term at this point in internet history; what a troll is and isn't and what trolling does and doesn't constitute means different things to different people and pinning down what exactly any given person means when they use the word is a pain in the ass.

That said, I think sixcolors willfully comes to the site with the intent to get a reaction. I think she enjoys attention, even if it's negative, more than she enjoys putting in an effort to just get along with folks here. I think her behavior has been too consistently disruptive and unrestrained for too long to credit it anymore as the product of any sort of good faith misunderstanding.

If that doesn't meet whatever the prevailing understanding of trolling is, I think it's a distinction without a difference at this point.
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What the what? There's a website that suggests metafilter bannings?
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I'm going to close this up. sixcolors, you can always email us when you have a problem, because these posts seem like giant attention getters. Whoever created that site is an asshole and I don't like the bullying tone of building something like that to cheer on bad behaviors.
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