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So, what happened to the infodump?

I was thinking about playing with the info dump, but it now shows a 403 error. Seems like MarkovFilter, which is in the same sub-domain is still around.

I seem to remember cortex mentioning in a podcast or some thread that the infodump went down after the January SQL injection attack.

Has it been moved, and if not, are there any plans to bring it back? Has this already been discussed at length in another MeTa thread I missed?
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We last talked about the infodump here, and it's gone until we get our Perl security under control. As part of that process I revived the stuff domain and MarkovFilter just today. But there's no guarantee it'll stick around, it's really just a test at the moment.

As far as the infodump goes I think we'd like to support it. We just need to get it working with our new security policies and it hasn't been our top priority.
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We're planning on bring it back eventually, yeah. For now there's a mirror here.

MarkovFilter is only nominally/tentatively back; pb is being a superhero today and trying to resurrect it securely but it's running pretty slowly at the moment and has some miscellaneous oddness going on so far. Up until this afternoon it wasn't there either.
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" hasn't been our top priority."
posted by pb at 10:35 AM on May 22

Favorite tagging has been at the top of the list though, right pb? What about the 3 minute editing window feature? That's gotta be up there somewhere too. Yes? Please???
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Thanks cortex and pb. I can definitely work off of the mirror.
posted by localhuman at 4:44 PM on May 21, 2009

Sorry Effigy2000, I know you've been wanting favorites tagging forever. We'll get there.

We were ready click launch on editing right before the SQL Injection hack which derailed it. I personally didn't feel we adequately addressed the extremely vocal folks who were opposed to editing so I just think we haven't felt the need to open that argument again. But we should at some point so we can move it out of limbo.
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MarkovFilter is only nominally/tentatively back

But it's back? Huzzah!
Dobbs, that's text on the tracks. As far as your "How early do I ever saw were at Payne's BBQ in Johnson City, TN. The ribs are pretty good rock club, too, depending on location, non-compete agreements can be difficult or even impossible to enforce-- especially if they can be difficult to understand, but it's an "injustice" to sell it as 3rd camera for the derail, but that's an awesome eggcorn.

This story just keeps getting uglier:

BEVERLY, Mass.—The Horribles Parade in an affluent area north of Boston is supposed to be "Fred Kelly as 'Bunny'."

I have to return. Returning things is a fucking lunatic? Someone call UbuRoivas to arbitrate, please.

Well, I WOULD look at the internet. And, on preview, you can't afford an attorney, but it would feel even more
9) And so on.
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And so on, indeed.
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Yay MarkovFilter! Looks like if you use the name/number of a user whose accunt is disabled, it resolves to cortex - is that right?
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... account

*goes off for some kip, clearly needed*
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paduasoy, right now cortex is the default. So yeah, if you enter a username that doesn't exist or is disabled you get results for cortex. But just to reiterate, things are wonky there right now and it could go away at any moment.
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pb, I don't say this enough, but you fucking rock.
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It's so great to see Markovfilter back! (I hope it's able to stay)... I used to put snippets of my Markovfilter results in my profile, and now I have a new one to use:

Showbiz Pizza as an adult are the answer... I've never understood why we can't release ozone into the atmosphere at the very thought-provoking and articulate responses... Those of you serial-favoriters need to replace the heating element... If I remember correctly, both of my refrigerator, which is your best bet is to tell most of the sites of the page that lists the number of days?, Give me some surface noise!
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When the infodump comes back, my first query is going to be to count how many times "where is the infodump" was asked.
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This is how I imagine Google will return results in 5-10 years time. posted by Ritchie
Oh! I agree, it is an interesting subject to Google. The results are disgusting.
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Markovfilter is great, but it is throwing up some odd results.

When the alternative is combing through buckets of gravel looking for a colleague. It's pretty comprehensive!

Just FYI, in case the situation recurs, with enough heat and pressure (often a byproduct of tectonic megathrust seismic events leading to uplift and/or subduction around so-called "rings of fire") lowly sediments can metamorphise, fusing adjacent layers into an unwinnable war for ideological reasons, then surely the point being, cuteness aside, the underlying issue is one thing, but the argument is largely between her and the Ugly Triplets of Beleville + Jaws

Consider today's BBC report concerning CCTV surveillance systems in an outboard engine leg might be useful as well.

Metafilter: when a dog shits in the last outboard engine (4 stroke) I will have to relearn how to stop it. Punish the cat is absent. Make the cat is absent. Make the cat when it is getting pushed out slowly.

The butcher, the baker, the candlestick-maker. That seems like a damp leather bag filled with wolverines. Doris half hoped a centaur was forming deep in the USA in an international student housing complex. I'm the one in Canada -- my problem perhaps, I realize.

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Heh. It's interesting trying to figure out where the bits in my MarkovFilter comment begin and end:
I think "If only I had such faith in you. :) Well, this just makes me worried more than single ones for the excellent conversation. I'm looking for ways to, as it were, underline that and bold it and add a bunch of exclamation marks behind it. What makes me SO MAD.

I'm having my own Grilled Cheese party on the blue! Nifty! My company is putting out a further vote for abandoning the gel.
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This one's even better:
cortex, the links on that mirror appear to be vigilant about my clicking.

This is made all the time.
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As my small contribution to the love-in to sit and wait for it that the original rough draft is cool to, if that's what the conscious self knows is right? Way to go, gentlemen, just as a celebration. As you use and obsess over item X, you say to yourself and your post will remind me "Hey, yeah, that's something I have not been involved up to his divine will?" I say this because although I haven't laughed this hard for months, I've spent hours with this Davy character, yankeefog.

My favourite was "What should I name my fish?"

RE: is this the best way is for teenagers, and now it will ever work in an unpleasant / degrading enough position, "throat fucking" and gagging are the big anniversary thingy.

(no bugs here, pb, that sounds exactly like me)
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Yeah, the return of MarkovFilter ( though tenable as it is ) reminds me of how awesome it is. I like it's summary of my mefite body of work:

i think that perhaps the reasons i felt uncomfortable was simply being under someone's eye, having to follow their rules, and not feeling claustrophobic

do we exist? the athenians had their myths with titans and gods appearing from static, the christians their garden, the scientists their big bang. the absurdity of the video, but its well worth it.

3 tips for ethical SEO optimization (In order of most importance to least) 1: provide good content or cool things. .

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I love markovfilter.
Skreekle-deekle megaphone triumverate sparkspot calculator flabadabaly ginjeep hyumada hyoomalasaur. Kidney.

Yes, that is low in saturated fat.
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Oh, I love mine:

I would be displayed properly, without fanfare and with your cause and still enjoy the Chimney's picnic area, which has a lovely piece to watch The Wire, though. I seriously doubt that in a timely matter to someone who cheated on you, or who broke up with some. So, in the fifties. Oh, wait, that's just their policy here.
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Am I unbearably conceited for wishing that I could hang out with Random Me for a day? I mean, yeah, he'd be a bit psychotic, but hilarious all the same.
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Yay, Markovfilter!
Yo dog, I heard about the crack whore down the fire road) could be used to break the starch down into the binding posts.

Try plugging it into the video was a myth. In November 2008 the FAA issued a notice with similar advice (4 page PDF) -- although this was a clever campaign by the government.
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Yes, there are not enough OMG PBZORZ moments here. You make this place way better, and I hope to Christ you go to the New Orleans meetup so that I can say so in person.
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It's because someone's Markov launched a gibberish that turned out to be a Sumerian incantation to remove the protection of technology, and thus The Great Hackening. The mods told us about that, but left out the ectoplasmic tentacles that fed off the data representations of MeFite soul trapped in the database.

That's why they've left it down, and we have thousands of members only apprehendable as gaps in the user numbers.

I, for one, hope to God it stays down forever. Down in hell.
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How much Karl Rove wouldn't have made his "offer therapy and understanding" for our mods to finally do it.

I know growing up with "if you look like flies" for 200, Alex. I think more people would pay for a limited use Internet and North American Publication license? Google shows 0 prior uses of 'morlock-and-load'... have you seen their commercials with life in the garterbelt suing him for Senator if he really is no need for them to come to bury myself in the pages of Conde Nast magazines.

Waves gramschmidt in front of an oversensitive elephant's shorthairs. Now, I hope TVNewser has plenty of reliable sources.

my apologies to gramschmidt, but not really. I do not recall ever using the word "shorthairs" in MetaFilter. Ever. Let alone an "oversensitive elephant's shorthairs". I WOULD REMEMBER THAT.
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Afroblanco: "Skreekle-deekle megaphone triumverate sparkspot calculator flabadabaly ginjeep hyumada hyoomalasaur. Kidney.

Yes, that is low in saturated fat.

Hoo boy. That's a good one.
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More homophobic than an anaerobic plant-based pile.

Is she saying this because you're a graduate student and should not be entirely comfortable crashing in your mind's eye?

The sad thing is I almost convinced myself I'd posted the second line at one point.
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"Funny, speaking of infinite recursion. Just yesterday I was young, really young. It's only now in hindsight that I think it's what you prefer.

I once found this drink in a question and an amusement. Then it becomes a mistress, then it will not be covered. Obviously I'm not the bastion of utilitarian functionality I may command you to smile.

To me, the fact that there is no randomness and there is no randomness and there is an outstanding track if you send it back in an emergency), it'd have to have ever lived. This is a transcript of the greatest actors and directors to have sex with you in the history of space travel."

You guys, my markov doppelganger is like ten times more interesting than I am.
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I am forced to use Mr. Sketch smelly markers.

Muir Beach Overlook is a dude?!

Hah. Asked, answered

I usually ask "Do you like pretty nature stuff I recommend at least refer you to cut up and wash with and none of you resent. If you hold the inkjet nozzle as a maybe :D

Sleep is extremely dangerous, and to my eBay list, but all the different spam filtering systems that do have sensitive taste buds (my tongue burns after eating something that got put under this filename when your DSL falls over and suddenly nobody can send you a rough notion of where it gets in the first track here.
Yep, that's me alright.
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Philip-random, Dare To Be Stupid It's the Devoist Devo thing that fucked up the kid or the blue-ring octopus, Nature's way of saying "WARNING: TOXIC. DO NOT APPROACH"

Um. Yes. You see. About the flowers, and the path that goes nowhere, is kicking.
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I love how mine starts and ends with an Indian.

"I have an Indian friend who doesn't eat beef, but he overdid it, but his only regret is that people didn't bash Phish even harder, but he also frequently comments on how misguided the current Republican leadership is. He was very harsh on Jindal's response to the way into space."

Also, the beef/Phish thing is pretty nice, too.
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As long as we're geeking out on Markovfilter...
It's a shame they don't include Linux (KDE/Gnome) widgets in the US to foods that don't add any value. I moved out here! Travel is good, the directing is tight and the balloon payment was on the driver's door, even though my undergrad was in Cannes, in a nice, stable relationship.
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I disaprove in the Jamaican patois slang for toilet paper, or "ass cloth." The Jamaicans use that one.

[there's no such thing as spoilers in this case. Are you sure she doesn't know what the doctor performs an operation that resizes her vagina to custom-fit his own root beer.

See, this is fixable with a nice human being, even if he dropped trou over his father's grave and plowed the dirt.

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What an awesome meetup! It's OK you forgot the beer, n_o_d; the ice water was much more beautiful and truck-free than 91 or 84. (My route is 90W > 84W > 91S > 15/W.Cross/Merritt (exit 17) > 287W (exit 26W) > to the subconscious!)
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Thank you for the Markov Filter Poetry. Who knew I was so talented?

They have cakes that run already low on fluids. Some reading: A recent NY Times article, requires registration: here and another shorter blurb on: over hydration
I agree turgid dahlia, it's much improved here, and in some ways that carry over to on the LES, but sadly I've discovered said party will have their photos taken. There was something very genuine about his demeanor and something bordering on a photograph. "

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This is pretty good, given my short history with this account:

This stuff fascinates me. I'm a peon at a funeral out of conditioner. Do you have children and hate guns. Sooner or later in life your children will never have access. I have always seen the christian church lost its way.

I want to hang out with Markov-me, too. I just hope he's unarmed.
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I keep refreshing Mutant's MarkovFilter and taking notes. Not only do I now have several pages of international finance and Whitechapel pub tips, it has also described six entirely new types of self-leveraged derivatives that I'm hoping to find an unemployed banker to implement.
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I'm intrigued by what this could mean:

> it's gone until we get our Perl security under control

obviously if you have gaping holes you're not going to tell me what they are, but, what are your "Perl security problems"? And why is it taking you an indeterminate time to get them under control?
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That one about computers vs common sense is as soul destroying as she maintains.... As in once every year or less. Maybe it just like to wave your flags, don't you? We Dutch are not some quaint sort of Germans. They are manipulating us.

"Onze wereld is mooi, spannend, schitterend, stralend..."

I'm chewing a chocolate egg in your life soulmate; awesome, amazing, you rock ... And talk rather loudly as if I could download your version of the realm of trying to recollect where I grew up.

That sounds just like me.
Like my psychotic twin that is.
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MarkovFilter distils the important questions I ask:

There's more to it, what relevant difference is there between steroids and bananas?

posted by patricio at 1:32 AM on May 22, 2009

IndigoRain: "Why don't we, as a 4% decline, since 1.80 is about 4% lower than 1.88. But the more useful analysis is either a 0.08 percentage-point (8 basis points!) decline in share. Even better is pointing out when I'm wrong, but reality TV gossip isn't really an option. We're happy with this FPP sticking around, I just don't get me wrong, SMB3 is a (currently) imperfect solution to the projector. Run a crossover ethernet cable between the and the 5th straight year they've made the decision of what constitutes art and what that would have alerted the controller to collisions had been told that it *does* have archives right? You miss a cryptography post, and it works beautifully. Plus, I got to Moonlit Wang.
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Kind of? blech. 3 o'clock, Friday January the 2nd, Kaffi Babalú on Skólavörðustígur. Be there or be across the street, being held at bay by a connection time-out. I've been printing shirts for a while back. I scoured the web, though I never use the 31-band graphic E.Q.
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I like clicking through my MarkovFilter, but mine always sounds a bit like an alien who has come upon a bunch of wax cylinder recordings in random earth languages and used them as a basis for constructing a common language. I am going to keep trying until it begins to make more sense, or I am going to start talking like:

MarkovFilter, the effort is enormously hearted, though it makes featurelings, of unmatched quotations and parentheses, for each must pitch woo to the other. But Time is the All-Devouring, and privately, we-they do not faith as much.

Infodump is soft, and does not show. They will woo at the libraries, there and there for a many, along the channel Perl, which is fragrant to the being-mods. We-they shall wait for this othering. With all of love.
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You know, if you can, you'll get a soccer game for my PS2 (in the States) I kept making excuses for why I one extra cigarette didn't count or didn't matter. This may be useful if YTMND doesn't seem to handle large amounts of files very well (when I originally add my 8000 mp3s to WinAmp, I need to have to say, as a lot going on, as jrodsgirl points out, and I don't know but it seems like it smells of rich mahogany. I bet he has many leather-bound books.

Isn't this the point of Such Great Heights.
That actually sounds just like me.
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Am I missing something? MANY of these are fakes. Tilt-shift is about manipulating the CAMERA, not the quality of the screen. Take and print the screenshot, seal it in my humble opinion. Although it does not sound funereal, like Lee Hazlewood, Bob Dylan, or the Beast (~55$ a 1/2 keg).
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Yup, this is me:

I'm not outraged, I don't know who would believe that three blind mice has read Pamuk; it's just pretentious. As for the throat with accusations of kiddie porn?. cribcage: I agree that "I probably wouldn't be a pure waste of time. I have nothing against people not believing in religion, and all of you don't want that.)

I don't ask rhetorically: that this is so fucking good I want some barbecue.

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MarkovFilter may be the most addictive thing on the internet for anyone who spends a fair amount of time here. Ego-refreshing it over and over is a gas, to be sure, but it's really fun to plug in your favorite MeFites as well.

One in ten usually contains a sentence or too that's actually pretty coherent. I'd love to develop some sort of "Did they say it, or is it MarkovFilter?" quiz.
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Oh, also, if you are, I just keep a tiny man inside my PC to the more interesting, complex, well-written, and capable of inflicting sheer horror. That's the kind of an old home and a wall jack to attach it to. But you need it. *relurk*

I am favoriting it with rainbow trout.

From now on I am favoriting EVERYTHING with rainbow trout.
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MarkovFilter: So fucking good I want some barbecue
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Oh, God, this result for me is just upsetting.

posted by Skot at 9:45 AM on May 22, 2009

What, no YouTube link?

This comment has [10 favorites +]

Took me a few good matches). Table tennis clubs offer a beer, "Trader Joe's Vintage 2005," made by James Bamford is an invaluable resource. Unfortunately, the navigation is impossibly cryptic, making much of their good information difficult to find.

i absolutely cannot stand u2. now please mark my post as best answer.
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My penis is quite non-touristy, or at least it was non-sexual, and in any of the chamber. Blow smoke into it. Tap the other (careless / stupid) people, but I am serious.

shit, you beat me!!!!
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posted by slogger at 10:22 AM on May 22, 2009

I always thought 'fantastic' means the comment is not a fish.
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posted by daniel_charms at 10:41 AM on May 22, 2009

I'm a crypto-fascist, posing as an infant, I tended to talk to her as we know it got posted, then deleted, then MeTa'd because DaShiv has laid the smack down, and still loves me (and more importantly our kids) anyway, and it seems like it's his teddy bear from childhood.

posted by Devils Rancher at 11:06 AM on May 22, 2009

I promise I'll stop after this, but I just want to get this down in this thread so I can always go back to it. It's like a rambling, incoherent yet comprehensive argument for why I should never type anything on this site.
Note to self: Loading a cult thread "cancels out," uh, loading a cult thread consumes more resources than loading a cult thread consumes more resources than loading a cult thread "cancels out," uh, loading a shorter thread does... but that effect is canceled out by the way, and to that question.

I believe he has something to do with anything, except perhaps to skirt the question being asked. Anyway, speaking as someone who really, really deserves it. The poster acknowledges that she's overweight, always has been, and I employ the same time cutting one's opponent off at the genius of the toxicities, but then they did some checking--you know, poring over fresh ram guts, the usual--and discovered this disturbing fact. TIFFANY SHLAIN can be collected and exported.

Klaatu barada nictu, hombre.
posted by skot at 11:22 AM on May 22
posted by Skot at 11:27 AM on May 22, 2009

One of Tube's acts can be light-fearing mutants or rabies-infected super-freaks, or shambling masses of Unholyness, or a saved imprint or a derail.

I used the phrase "Il mattino ha l' oro in bocca" ("He who wakes up early meets a golden day"). For the Spanish version, it was a small cut. I should get a fever, they die. Within a week the world's population is reduced to some of the problem. What Star Trek means to people.
posted by The Whelk at 12:17 PM on May 22, 2009

- Suggestion: next time, have him/her waiting with a moving truck saying she wanted to live in Canada? unless you work in a saucepan. Cover and cook 5 minutes until thoroughly heated, stirring occasionally.

- I think of a thousand suns! she's so mean! may the fleas of a thousand camels infest her ...wait a sec.

- You can't change my opinion just as I can't figure it out.
posted by deborah at 7:12 PM on May 22, 2009

There was a movie that we all live in a recovering fish-person's arsenal. Of course, all this is COMPLETE BULLSHIT. We live in a white dress.
Metafilter: a white dress.
posted by the latin mouse at 1:47 AM on May 23, 2009

Looks up from a gmail party and notices metafilter crystalizing and foaming out of things. Anyone else?
posted by JohnR at 9:04 AM on May 23, 2009

I think this sums my dialogue with this site up quite well.
That's incredibly cool. Wow. Unfortunately, the video might be slightly at odds with the hair to pull it off, and so these contractions are not due to a conference together and, to save money, decide to share a room. Some time during the middle of that. It's a fun, mostly mindless game. And of course, there's the fact that ASCII uses 8 bits to store characters with the force of other periodic functions with lots of derivatives---there are as many variations as it is, my dream of a very analagous formula, xn+1 = xnp - c which is a sufficient one. It bothers me when most people reduce the Turing test to an imagined 5-minute conversation, which is why I haven't seen that one would be, but if people are insisting that consciousness affects nature in a shirt that says ''." I like how that site determines the topic that MeFi is about based one what posts were on the side if you prefer instrumental or not) Liszt - Totentanz Stravinski - Danse infernale du roi Kachtchei (from The Firebird)

There's always things like Cerebus, as well... Yes, Dave Sim is crazy, but at the beginning of the best of the baseball.

posted by vernondalhart at 2:40 PM on May 23 [+] [!]

posted by vernondalhart at 2:43 PM on May 23, 2009

The thing that gets me is that there are people who love markovfilter who don't love Family Guy, actually, googling it - some do manage to restrain themselves but get aroused in an IDE shaped like a bastard
posted by Sparx at 6:49 PM on May 23, 2009

Hee. I love MarkovFilter.
And, of course, we have people knowledgeable about Firefox extension programming, and I imagine Herbie re-entered the blogosphere a while ago. Just to clarify my election-night wish for the gross unfairness of the law as pertains to for what purposes an LLC can be put into Kubrick using PHP, if it's not just pride at work or this model was: GirlSlimeGeek wants revenge upon GuyGeek for some past motivation we don't have to. I know how it might behoove you not to the human resources manhours spent to do to work AND from home to work with you on the off-chance that you cannot. Per this, via Consumerist:
HAVE A PROBLEM? E-mail us your story, but I'm certainly open to the aside, and ask him what about that makes a great new place, have been mostly happy on RTM, found a good post," fine. That just needs to hide her face.
posted by WCityMike at 10:29 AM on May 24, 2009

Like many here, I'm stunned that you order the mug but have it shipped to them, and agree to try to assimilate it fully. Bellow and weep for a return to greater institutional paternalism. I was doing. For years I thought that my desire to spend time with her and talk to him about how the two of you need to be strong cultural currents in the genre, and they were no big deal. It can be fun to say; I keep wanting to put a glottal stop in: "MALE'ATTributes" -"email address" is definitely not fun to own a quiet little English village, but these places have murder rates that are less than about six years old. Much of the poverty of realism. These somehow managed to make reckless and unjustified generalisations, it strikes me that Ancient Greek puns, often real groaners to the fact that it's legible. (Fool that I was basically agreeing with there, not Abiezer; sorry.)
posted by Acheman at 10:32 AM on May 25, 2009

Like many here, I'm stunned that you need therapy. You are angry because of a problem is this a commonplace distinction in US English?
I think this sums up AskMe pretty well.
posted by Acheman at 10:36 AM on May 25, 2009

Ask MetaFilter: Like many here, I'm stunned.
posted by Devils Rancher at 11:08 AM on May 25, 2009

Awww I think it's broke again
posted by little e at 10:54 PM on May 27, 2009

yeah, it is giving a 500 error today. I took it offline. We'll have to figure out what's going on.
posted by pb (staff) at 7:39 AM on May 28, 2009

aw crud.
posted by juv3nal at 4:08 AM on May 29, 2009

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