Surely I can;t be the only comics nerd round here? June 6, 2009 7:30 AM   Subscribe

Last Minute Manhattan MoCCa Meet-up! Despite my sprained ankle, Me and my Other have decided to go to the Museum Of Comics And Cartoon Art Festival on 26th and Lexington. Any other mefities going and fancy a pint or eight afterwards? Say 5ish?

I was thinking about 5ish, when the convention is winding down. Anyone know any decent bars in the area where it's not wall to wall TV screens and I have to shout to be heard over a sea of gelled hair and stripped shirts? I have thinking Paddy McGuire's at 237 3rd Ave, but any better ideas are more than welcome. Anyone game?
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5ish is a little early for me, but I'd be up for something. Revival has a lovely outdoor terrace (it's on 15th between Irving Place [aka Lex] and 3rd).
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I've gotta leave now if I wanna make the booths so it looks like this one is dead in the water (or is everyone already at MoCCa?). I'll be sticking around the area for a while, so drop me a txt at (rot5 number 2874469423 ) if you're around and wouldn't mind a beer with a frazzled comics nerd and his sprained ankle.
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This looks like fun, but I already have plans for the weekend.

A shame this is such short notice; we haven't had a meetup in a while and I'm beginning to miss my MeFi friends.
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I was gonna come up from Philly for MoCCa, but then it turns out I got to keep my job and that ruined my plans.

Say hi to my former roommate for me, though.
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Piratebowling: I totally think I checked out his table.

Soooo, can this be the thread were in we all talk about MoCCa?
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Piratebowling: I saw his table, too, but I didn't stop by. No disrespect to him meant -- I only had so much money to go around. I'm glad to have the link, though, because his stuff looked like fun.

I'll talk about MoCCA.

I went on Saturday, I had fun, spent too much money, and now I'm home and ready to pass out, even though it's not even 9 p.m. Last year was my first year at MoCCA, so that's all I have to compare it to, but this year was wonderful. I was very impressed. So were my friends who've been doing this show longer than I have. Very good time.
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I had a great time, but the venue was a bit hot and confusing for me. I kept forgetting which booths I'd already visited, and definitely forgot to buy a few things I meant to buy because I was so itching to get back outside.

But I met some awesome new people, caught up with some awesome people I'd met before, and I'm very happy with my purchases.

Anyone catch the name of the person who was selling these little square books with pink covers called The Princess Book or something like that? It had little line drawings of princesses with droll sentences describing each one.
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