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Looking for a comic I saw on MetaFilter

Several years ago (three years, five years, maybe more...) someone posted a comic here that I'm trying to find again. I'm not sure if the comic was the subject of an FPP on the blue, part of an answer on the green, or part of a comment on the grey. I'm hoping someone can help me find it again. [more inside]
posted by ralan on Nov 11, 2015 - 9 comments

Comics (& other serialized content) on Fanfare

On Fanfare Talk, some mefites have expressed interest in discussing comic books on Fanfare; the necessary metadata could come from comixology or comicbookdb. What do other folks think about this idea? And are there other serialized media (ideally with metadata sources) that might be good to add?
posted by Going To Maine on Mar 14, 2015 - 34 comments

Looking for a link in a comment

I was talking to a friend about comics and got onto the subject of Poison Ivy, and recalled this really disturbing page with Ivy casually talking to a man her giant pitcher plant is slowly dissolving. It's just horrifying, and it was a link in someone's comment. I've tried using the search here and Google, and I guess I'm not hitting the right keywords. Does the comment ring a bell for anyone? Thanks!
posted by FunkyHelix on Jan 13, 2014 - 12 comments

Good luck serving Spider-Man with supoena!

Jedicus and valkyryn pose with their metafilter project, The Law Of Superheroes (previously)
posted by The Whelk on Oct 13, 2012 - 40 comments

Ziggy, Garfield, Cathy, Mary Worth: It's the first episode of the Metafilter Comics Digest Podcast!

Good news! It's the inaugural episode of the Metafilter Comics Digest podcast! In this episode we cover Ziggy, Garfield, Cathy (RIP!), and a hitting-close-to-home Mary Worth story about internet addiction. The podcast runs just under one hour in length. [more inside]
posted by cortex on Apr 1, 2011 - 126 comments

Free comix related thingie

Are other Minnesotans planning on going to Indie Xpo (warning: auto-starting video embedded) on the 21st (at the Soap Factory in Mini-apple-ous)? [more inside]
posted by edgeways on Aug 3, 2010 - 8 comments

It starts out normal enough...

Just a teeny blip on the meta-Meta screen but I know how much y'all like that sort of thing: the guy who's trying to stay sober by drawing a comic a day noticed we were talking about him. Congrats on helping an alcoholic go another day without drink. [more inside]
posted by mediareport on Feb 15, 2010 - 71 comments

From MeFi to Comic

The Greatest Halloween Costume Ever, as a comic. (original comment)
posted by mathowie on Nov 1, 2009 - 31 comments

My term for them is "pixenwords". No, it isn't, really. But anyway...

Who are the comics-making MeFites? I am aware of Greg Nog, interrobang, XQUZYPHYR, and The Whelk... who else?
posted by not_on_display on Oct 7, 2009 - 70 comments

Surely I can;t be the only comics nerd round here?

Last Minute Manhattan MoCCa Meet-up! Despite my sprained ankle, Me and my Other have decided to go to the Museum Of Comics And Cartoon Art Festival on 26th and Lexington. Any other mefities going and fancy a pint or eight afterwards? Say 5ish? [more inside]
posted by The Whelk on Jun 6, 2009 - 6 comments

MeFites at the New England Webcomics Weekend?

Anyone attending the New England Webcomics Weekend (this weekend)? I imagine there are some other MeFites who registered before it booked up.
posted by Songdog on Mar 18, 2009 - 4 comments

Down with slurp.

A single link to today's issue of your favorite webcomic or cartoon series is not appropriate for a Front Page Post. [more inside]
posted by solipsophistocracy on Sep 30, 2008 - 32 comments

Ask MetaFilter. It's a Punchline.

I DUNNO. ASK METAFILTER. A shoutout (in the company of some rather big web-names) from big-time webcomicker (and dead tree comicker), MetaFilter's Own clango.
posted by wendell on Nov 14, 2007 - 50 comments

I'm demanding this because it's clearly very important!

Pony request: being able to favorite comments from the Recent Activity page? [more inside]
posted by shmegegge on Sep 18, 2007 - 10 comments

Toronto meets up?

Are people wanting to get together in Toronto? The Comics Festival MeTa threatened of a meetup, but never really resolved itself (http://metatalk.metafilter.com/14693/Meet-Me-at-the-Comics-Festival)
posted by SassHat on Aug 17, 2007 - 9 comments

Meet Me at the Comics Festival!

A plug, sort of: I'm going to be attending the Toronto Comic Arts Festival in a couple of weeks—I'll be there on the 18th and 19th, with my own little table. Robot Johnny will also be there. If any Mefites in Toronto are planning on coming to the festival, I'd love to meet you!
posted by interrobang on Aug 7, 2007 - 21 comments


posted by COBRA! on Jun 15, 2007 - 46 comments

Searching for a thread about sad comics.

I can't find the thread featuring sad, touching comics. Also featuring a comic where main character sends hanger to pregnant ex. Thanks!
posted by null terminated on Jan 31, 2006 - 3 comments

Why isn't this a double post since it directly references the previous instance?

Just wonderin'... Why isn't this a double post since it directly references the previous instance?
posted by mischief on Jan 28, 2006 - 12 comments

Yes, the other guy is evil.

Yes, I know the election is coming. Yes, I know there are cool sites that make fun of Bush and/or Kerry. Yes, the other guy is evil. But, who really cares that some cartoonists are mocking the President. I think that was an old meme around the time of Gutenberg.

Can't we please get back to posts about pancakes, bloggers, monkeys, and other non-election related topics.
posted by Argyle on Oct 11, 2004 - 24 comments

Weblog comics

Weblog Comix! It's about time we had comics about webloging!

let me know what you guys think! :)


http://www.adnan.org/comix/about.htm for more info
posted by adnan on May 22, 2001 - 11 comments

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