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Look, I'm really embarrassed that I am posting this to meta, where it doesn't belong, and I have tried the direct to the mod approach, but it hasn't worked. So I have a bit of a personal emergency, I'm coping, but I need some galant person to post this to Ask for me? Any takers? I'm really not trying to break the rules, I rarely post to Ask, but I need some help, and I carelessly have asked a question in the last week. . Question below.

My baby girl, 7months old, has a spiral fractured femur - mum caught her as she was falling while getting into a back carrier - she is in hospital, has had specialist orthapedic pediatriction attention and is now in traction. She is probably at the the best hospital in the country for this, but it is a long way from home. She is 100% breast fed, and my wife is staying with her. Can any of the medicos or mefi, or people who have had similar experience offer some advice? MORE INSIDE
No doctor has talked to us about time frames or processes, although they have been otherwise great, but the nursing staff have said 10 days in traction (could be up to six weeks) and possibly a cast that reaches from her waist to her ankles. But everyone is cagey about timeframes.
Help me Mefi in understanding what will happen, and when to my little girl. I've got a full time job it looks like I will be missing for (how long?) a while to look after my other kids. I feel our medicos are reluctant to be frank about timeframes, because they seem long. Can somebody give me some idea on what happens next, and how long I should be planning, and what about aftercare?
To be clear, we are in Australia, so this is covered by our government health insurance, but I am keen to know the full longer term prognosis, so I can set my employers expectations accurately, and I want my little girl back in full health.
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I'll do it. I hardly ever post to AskMe, so it's not at all a biggie.
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Public thank you. Feeling very good a bout my global friends!
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Look I'm really sorry but this was not at all a good way to go about things. I'll be closing this and I'd like people to please not consider MeTa as a way to ask an "emergency" AskMe.
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