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Are you in prison?

Are any Mefites currently incarcerated, but nonetheless participating in the site? I'd be curious how you access the site and what your imprisoned Mefi experience is like.

If anyone would rather not respond in the thread, I'd still like to hear from you via MeMail and can repost your comments with your permission.

Note: this thread is not about one-time Mefites who may be imprisoned and now incommunicado (like Hoder?).
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I've been married over ten years. Close enough? No?
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Like everyone else, I was born into bondage. Into a prison that I cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for my mind. I blame the media.
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This may be a well meaning idea, but MeTa isn't really for "poll the audience" sorts of things. If peopel want to get ahold of you and chat about prison, they are more than welcome to but I think the thread is just going to go lulzy out of the gate.
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