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Music pony requests: Add date posted for each track in Most (Favorited|Playlisted) Tracks of All Time and increase the length of these lists.

The 'Most' lists are great, but I've already listened to most of those tracks (they're mostly older). Few tracks are going to get favorited more than the current lowest-number-of-favorites track, which has 50 favorites. SO THE PONIES: (1) more tracks so newer things can show up on that list (2) dates so it's easier to find the new stuff.
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For the benefit of those interested in this idea but who haven't nosed around the music page, the "Most (Favorited|Playlisted) Tracks of All Time" lists appear when you click on the (more) after the short lists on the right side of the main Music page, for example, after the "Most Playlisted Tracks from your contacts" or the "Most Playlisted Tracks in the past 7 days" lists. Then you get a page of expanded lists. All the lists on that page currently number 25 tunes. I reckon these lists could indeed be longer, no? I mean, it'd just mean a little more scrolling down, I guess.
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...SNAKE! Snaaaaake oh god a snake....
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No ponies? No comments about likelihood of gettin mah poniez? Are my ponies too esoteric?
posted by beerbajay at 7:50 AM on October 27, 2009

Apparently! This thread didn't get much love! Oh well...
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