They said my costume was average, but they were just being mean! October 31, 2009 3:22 PM   Subscribe

So, after all of that effort and the many AskMe queries, how did your Halloween costume (or your kids') turn out? Did people understand your conceptual costume? Appreciate your literary references? Laugh or gasp... as you intended? Any last minute glitches or bursts of inspiration? Did your costume make it through the night? Put links to your photos and related discussion here!
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Here's your hug in advance, because this doesn't seem strongly site-related and I think it might get closed. My costume was great, btw.
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fuckin guisers...
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As an early birthday present, by mother-in-law sent me The Onion's Che-Guevara-wearing-Che-Guevara-t-shirt t-shirt. Now I have a couple of hours to figure out how to be Che Guevara, so I can be Che-Guevara wearing Che-Guevara-wearing-Che-Guevara-tshirt t-shirt.
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spikeleeetc you just have to grow all your head hair out and dye it if necessary. Fatigues and a fiery sense of purpose would be good accessories. Should be ready to go this time next year.
To be honest, my costume is just a cheap Mexican wrestling mask...
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I made a surreal killer costume (based off of a suggestion in an old AskMe thread) by sticking some paintbrushes in an ax, drawing a melty clock, apple face, and not a pipe on a handy smock, drawing a Dali mustache, and splattering the whole ensemble liberally with fake blood. I found a legit use for my LED belt buckle, programming it to say "Surreal Killer" so that I didn't have to explain my costume all night. It seemed to go over pretty well. I'm gonna use it again tonight.
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Macauley Culkin this year. Again. Q_Q. Nobody understands, appreciates, laughs or gasps because nobody cares.
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I've been working on mine for hours now. I'm going to be the currently broken span of the Bay Bridge. Lots of duct tape and metal wire. Here's my progress so far...
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Let's give this a day or two longer so everybody has a chance to get dressed and take pictures and get drunk and take more pictures and wake up hungover and think carefully about which pictures they should upload and upload those.
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