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I just noticed "has favorites". When did that start and why? Just about every post has favorites, doesn't it? Personally, I liked the old system better. I just read the number of favorites and I knew whether or not I should favorite it too. The way it is now, how am I supposed to know what's good or bad without actually going in and counting them?
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you're killing matt inside, you know that, right?
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Go a few threads down
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We changed the much-hated terminology "faves" for something more descriptive. You can turn it off by switching it in your prefs "show favorite counts?".
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P.S. I hope you moderator-y types are prepared for the inevitable tsunami of "FAVED? WTF? WHERE ARE FAVORITE COUNTS?" metatalk posts, 'cause they're coming. Mark my words.
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There's an open thread on this topic which, I'm sorry, is very long. The short answer is

- it's something we're trying for November
- it's not intended to be a permanent feature, just a way to get some information on how people are using favorites
- you can turn it back the wya it was in your preferences
- things will go back to how they were December 1st
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Troll, troll, troll your vote, gently down the stream. Verily, verily, verily, favorites make you steam...
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Mike, there's a header at the top of the main MetaTalk page pointing you to a long discussion thread about a November experiment. This experiment ends December 1 and you can opt out if you like.

Right now, I'd suggest putting things back to the default mode in your profile settings and getting some sleep. Go and join in the thread if and when you're up to a very detailed and sometimes heated discussion. Please make time to read it first before you add a comment, but it's close to 2000 comments and takes a long time to load.
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I'll close this up. Feel free to MeMail or comment in the monster thread if you have more questions.
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