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I'm looking for a great answer about buying quality shoes that's probably several years old. There was an answer from a shoe store manager(owner?) that was very good, and I think it was sideblogged. Which brings me to my 2nd question: Is the sideblog searchable?
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It was paulsc's answer, pretty sure, I'll see if I can track it down.
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Is it this one?
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I think it was this one.
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You can search the sidebar archives using google with 'site:' and 'inurl:' (e.g.).
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Buncha geniuses, all of you. And on a Sunday morning. Thanks. You all get "marked as best answer."
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What about the comment that was a mock "House" script about the patient needing more rat bites? Find me that, please. I looked several times, and it's coming to the point where I think I've made it up in my head.
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The best part about the rat bite thing is over time as I've gotten caught up on House it has started to feel like a memory of an actual episode instead of a joke, and I can pretty much imagine Laurie standing around with a rat right before the commercial break.
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I got a memail from someone telling me about how a tumor affected that person. It was totally bizarre and reminded me of House. I tried to find the rat bite comment, then I convinced myself I'd made it up, or that it wasn't on this site, even though I had vivid memories of having read the whole thing to my girlfriend. You know, finding out that your brain isn't completely broken is such a wonderful thing. Thanks.
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That's probably not helped by the fact that he did have a pet mouse throughout a handful of episodes in season 2.
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I, too, am in this metatalk thread.
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There's a particular flow to that House comment of Robocop Is Bleeding's that makes it damn near perfect. It starts off good and then gets better and better - but each elevation of quality makes and almost audible snick as of a well made clock being wound. I could tediously enumerate those snicks in order that we may all enjoy the joke as I do, but instead I will merely say that the final snick - Wilson's solitary line - is also the point of release; simultaneously winding the comedic tension up one more notch and releasing it all; providing completion.

Basically, what I'm saying is that I need a way to double-hard favourite something.
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cjorgensen, thanks. I read that and immediately began scouring ebay for the DVDs. I tend to watch tv series on DVD instead of weekly on tv, because I get too impatient for "next week" and "next season." But that was hilarious and really got me curious about the show.

(I had a weird and rare bone disease a few years back. We took a less-rodential route: surgery, oddly, but hey... it worked. Totally cured me.)

I'm looking forward to watching House now. It sounds like it'd be right up my alley.
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TMI For the curious: I had, simultaneously, three forms of oncogenic osteomalacia (tumor-induced condition that caused me to piss away all the phosphorus and vitamin D I'd take in, leading to the formation of shitty, crumbly, crackly bones). I was 30-something when I came down with the symptoms (it's hereditary), and it went undiagnosed for 2.5 years, then I found the world's best endocrinologist who cured me after an additional 2 years of looking for the nasty little bugger -- that tiny, malicious tumor was a bitch to find. I had a gazillion dexa scans, bone scans, MRIs, PET scans.... Finally found it during my 8th or 9th full-body CT scan. heh. Fun times!
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The only problem with that script is that it didn't contain the following line:

HOUSE: Cuddy, your butt is large.
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Ok, so the mysterious mefite outed herself. Heh!

I thought it was funny because in the first season or two they kept looking for mysterious microscopic tumors.

Oh, and as to the show, I have been watching it purely on momentum after the first two seasons. It got painfully bad for a while there, but has picked back up. They screwed with a dynamic that worked, am so amazed it took them so long to go back to it (the ratings showed their storyline wasn't working).

I hope the show sticks around for a while.

That tumor needs more rat bites!
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heyho: You might also be interested in Polite Dissent, in which a doctor rates the medical accuracy of House and other shows.
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I work with a woman who's husband is a pharmacist. She says she can't watch House because her husband will start screaming at the TV.

I'm guessing like I do when they put computers on TV.
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I don't know if anyone saw last night's House, but there was definitely a "More Mouse Bites!" moment in it.

My wife and I high fived and I went to the mailbox to see if my check arrived yet.
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Oh, wow, niles. Just reading that recap makes me never want to get sick. And if I do, never go to House's hospital.
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