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UK Cookie Swap

Three of us (the others are emperor.seamus and ukdanae) are up for a UK-only cookie swap on the model of the previous international one. No sinisterness to the UK-only criterion - just that I know some people weren't keen on sending stuff overseas, either because of logistics or law.

If you'd like to be involved, please MeMail me your name and address by the end of next Thursday, the 14th January. Please also let me know if you have any allergies to or dislikes of things that might conceivably go in cookies. I'll draw three names for each person and send them out on the Friday. Cookies should go out the following week - 6 to each of your three people (assuming we get at least one other person, or we'll be sending them to ourselves).

That's my take on the guidelines, anyway, following shothotbot's lead, but let me know if I've missed anything vital.
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Yay, UK cookies.

I will commend this cookie mailing HOWTO, suggested by bearwife, to your attention.
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wait, if you call cookies "biscuits," what do you call biscuits?
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desjardins, I suspect we don't have what you call "biscuits" here... can you explain exactly what they are?

(in modern UK-speak, cookies are usually soft, and biscuits possibly harder - both are usually sweet).

Back on topic: I think I'm too disorganised to play a proper part in this, though it's a nice idea.
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duh! biscuits can also be savoury in the UK. Having googled "biscuits", the American version looks like what I'd call a "scone"
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wait, if you call cookies "biscuits," what do you call biscuits?

See here for details.
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[altolinguistic, biscuits are the bastard savoury sons of scones. They look identical, but are served often with gravy. The concept is unpleasant to many Brits, but they're good, if done right (like the ones my 90-year-old midwestern grandmother-in-law used to make from scratch ...)]
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Nice cup of tea and a sit down.
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A scone is absolutely distinct from a biscuit, and if you tried to put scones next to my fried chicken, I'd probably yell at you or at the very least make dark, troubled, and disappointed noises at you. If you served me chicken and a biscuit, you'd have a new best friend.

A biscuit is a unit of bread more similar to a roll or bun. A scone is one of those misshapen muffin things with bits in it and a lack of flavor.
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Scones are drier, less calories than a biscuit, and go well with tea and pretty much nothing else.

Proper biscuits are fluffy and layered and go with pretty much anything, including jam. Though how anyone can eat a biscuit with gravy instead of sweet melted butter is beyond me.
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US cookie = UK biscuit
US biscuit != UK scone

There is no UK equivalent to a US biscuit. Wikipedia covers this very well. This would be a tragic circumstance except there is no (breakfast) gravy and no grits either, so half the purpose of biscuits is lost anyway.

Also, I am crying - crying, I tell you - that this is not a UK and Ireland cookie exchange. Fine, be that way - I didn't want to bake for any of you people anyway. Hrmpf.
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Sorry, DarlingBri, that was stupid of me. Ireland welcome.
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nb: this is best enjoyed as an occasional breakfast treat. overconsumption = obesity.
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Now you guys are really making me crave biscuits and gravy, as well as cookies! Too bad the former wouldn't be very sensible for postage...
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Tragically, while I appreciate the invitation and would love to take part, having now done the math I think we may have to decline. We leave for the US on 18th for a week. I do not think the gap from the 15th to the 18th is enough time for cookies to get here, and I do not think my postal worker will manage to NOT EAT THEM if they sit at the post office for a week.

I am utterly bummed. I love cookies but only ever bake for other people.
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I hope yours turns out as well as mine, (ours). Mmmm, cookies . . .
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Can I just say something. I know, I know that your swap in the UK will have better cookies. Why? Because, quite simply, you have better ingredients. Our brown sugar options are a joke, I remember being in Sainsbury's and you have like five hundred billion different kinds.
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We have only gathered one more person (Pallas Athena - check out her MeMusic posts, they rock). Really? No more cookie-enjoyers in the UK?
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