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Mefidarpa forum going away. Anybody care to archive it?

There are other things I'd like to do with the server that hosts the forum we used for our darpa challenge bid, and I think I'm going to nuke it and start over from zero, but I wanted to give people who participated a chance to say that there's something worth archiving. I don't personally feel the need to save any of it, but if somebody else does, consider this your one week warning.

I guess a related question is whether anybody who participated objects to somebody else making off with an archive of the site. If you have such objections, please share them now-ish.

I'm posting this here mostly because a boatload of the emails I sent out directly from the forum with the above got blocked, which I'm chatting with my hosting provider about, but anywho: let me know if you want to keep this stuff or if you want your posts nuked before any potential keeping happens.
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Ah. I guess I should pay more attention to that blog.
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I'm fine with nuking or archiving. Thank you again for putting that together and investing a fair amount of work into it -- it was fun and I really appreciate you and the other core people who put in all the work!
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I'm sure I can make a tarball that includes a dump of the database, but who knows how long that will still be usable? I'm sure that in five or six years backwards compatibility on either php or mysql will have been broken, and restoring it to a readable form would be difficult and time-consuming.

Which is to say... ping me via mefimail if you want me to make that tarball.
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