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Just wanted to point out a nice but sad update toward the end of this ask.me item.

I spotted it by chance; if attention's been called to it before, please delete this posting.
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That's incredibly sweet. I love AskMe (and Mefites, who do such nice things for people).
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very zadcat indeed
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Damn it all to hell, zadcat. Didn't I tell you melting my curmudgeonly heart with tales like this one is against the rules?

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You'll have to excuse me because this room is suddenly full of dust and my eyes are watering. I have to go walk around for a bit I guess.
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Thanks for that, zadcat, that was worth reading. What a sad, beautiful, human story.
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It's really just a nothing kind of story. An elderly man sickens, a neighbour tries to deal with the resulting complications, and it turns out the complications weren't that bad after all. The elderly man dies. There's nothing particularly relevant to me, nothing that hasn't been said or done in a more magnificent or meaningful way before.

And yet- I'm blinking more than I should. I'm rubbing my eyes because they must be itchy, or irritating. I'm misting over, at work, in a bright office with people all around.

I don't know why. Mr S's death was sad, I guess, but entirely forseeable. The happy ending for Henry is nice, but I never shared Wendy's fear that he was in danger. I'm not even all that much of a cat person. If this was a story in a newspaper I would have forgotten about it by now.

And yet- again - I'm struck by something. Mr S's bell is tolling for me in a way that so many others haven't. Maybe it's Metafilter. Maybe it's because, simply by virtue of our both being members of a particular website, I feel a kind of connection to Wendy that makes her story a personal one, makes her concern my concern, and her pain my pain, at least in some small way. I don't know.

I hope you're happy, Henry, and that the family you're with now takes as much joy and strength from your company as Mr S did.

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Ah, geez. *sniffle*

Wendy BD, you are a stand-up person.
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Wendy BD should get a star by her name.
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Cats are Important.

*hugs Al the Wonder Cat*
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Wendy BD, you are a stand-up person.

True words.
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This story is nice. Wendy did a good job. The fuss over Henry makes me realize how many perfectly fluffy nice kitties don't get new homes and that's why it's happy-sad to me. Henry did. Why are there so many nice kitties that don't get homes? WTF kitties are awesome.
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I am so far from being as good a person as Wendy BD that the light from Wendy BD won't reach me for a thousand years.
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Good on you, Wendy BD.
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Yeah, Wendy - good on you, twice over.
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Oh Wendy, praise everything for your wonderful self.
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(I must be in the same dusty room as sanka)
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*sniffle* this particularly touched me since i'm in a similar sort of situation, except i'm more directly involved, sort of. one thing i didn't mention in this question about my sick tenant is the fact that he has a cat. if my tenant does not return to the apartment for one reason or another, i'm gearing up for the stress of trying to find some kind of no-kill fate for the cat.
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Wendy BD did a Good Deed.
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That's it. I'm gonna go pet my kitty.
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Jeez, two mornings in a row that Metafilter's got me crying - yesterday's whale song post had me bawling like a little baby. We should all be lucky enough to have a neighbor as compassionate as Wendy.
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All four cats scratched and nuzzled.
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I vacuumed yesterday and yet this house is apparently still covered in schmoopy, which makes my eyes water. I'm going to go pet my cats now.
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My cat is totally taking advantage of this. The incessant "Wahhhh, no one has ever loved me" whine that begins the second I stop petting her.

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Just when I was about to nosedive into my semi-annual "human beings revert to nasty grasping pack animals at the scent of weakness" depressive spiral, there comes this.

Thank you, Wendy.
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Awww, thanks for the update. I'm now enjoying my own little heaven fantasy where I'm hanging out under a tree reunited with every pet I've ever had and somehow they all get along.
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My god, this was the perfect antidote to the Chatroulette thread. Faith restored. I love this place.
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Play me out, zadcat . . .
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May we all have neighbors like Wendy BD.
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Thank you zadcat. Thank you Wendy BD.
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If you remember that episode of "The Simpsons" where Ralph sends Lisa a valentine and Bart remarks, “If you look closely you can actually pinpoint the exact moment his heart breaks in two....”

That moment in this story for me was, "Oh, there's my little friend."
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And when they closed up the casket, he had a crucifix in his hands and his picture of Henry tucked in next to him...

...the picture Wendy BD had taken of his cat on her balcony.

It's perfect. Very very sad, but perfect.
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I'm not religious, but Bless You Wendy BD.
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I'm crying too. I think WendyDB is a great writer who did a wonderful job sharing both Henry and Mr. S, in addition to being an inspiring person.
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It's always good to hear stories which show that we care about those around us, both the two and four legged variety.

Very nice Wendy BD, you've inspired me to make sure all my kitties are going to be well skritched tonight.
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WendyDB, you are a lovely person to care so much for Mr. S. and Henry. Bless you.
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a day later, and it's still sniffly-making.
hooray for WendyDB.
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you make a brother weep over spilt askme
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Wendy BD is indeed a sweetheart, and in my finding, she makes friends wherever she goes.
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