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". . . We believe the bible to be the inspired word of God, and that it is wholly truthful and accurate." Can this AskMe question legitimately be answered?

Would a question about the moon landing never happening, or the denial of the Holocaust be allowed to stay up? My apologies if this seems abrasive, it just seems the integrity of the site is in question. Thanks!
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This site isn't 100% athiest, you know. If you don't share their beliefs, then move on.
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It's what they believe. Why did you pullquote that when the actual question is:

My wife and I are having trouble finding a couples devotional that we will both find enjoyable and informative. There is just so much out there that walking into a bookstore and searching the shelves would take ages. Therefore we are requesting the help of the hivemind in our search

The rest is just spelling out their beliefs to (I suppose) fine-tune the recommendations they seek. I fail to see how the "integrity" of the site is being tested.
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There is an ongoing thread in MeTa discussing religion. The question doesn't violate any site guidelines. We allow questions about horoscopes, tarot cards, joining the military and tights that will make your butt look better. Please join the MeTa already in question if you'd like to discuss religion there.
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Can this AskMe question legitimately be answered?

Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown.
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I thought he was just saying that to clarify that he wouldn't find some mainstream books helpful. It's like when people ask questions about what churches they should visit, and then need to clarify that they aren't Unitarian Universalists or something.

Sure, you can disagree all you want with his beliefs. But ignore the question if it bothers you.
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The question is "Couples daily devotional/bible study recommendations?"

Of course it can be legitimately answered.
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