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Dan Benjamin of 5 by 5 Studios interviews Matt Haughey, eliciting answers to questions such as why Internet Fame sucks, how staffing up a web community can kill it dead, and what are the benefits of simplifying your life. (direct link to The Pipeline episode)
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Matt did a tweed about it.
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Ooh, tweed. I like that. It suddenly makes a lot more sense that Stephen Fry and John Hodgman are so into the Twitter.
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Tweed? No. It's either Tweet or my personal favorite, Toot.
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Past tense: twat.
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Nice, Matt. Well-spoken regarding community growth vs. business growth.

I love the term "microfame." Sucky how the weird people with aggression issues manage to be louder and more insistent than the multitude of cool, supportive individuals.
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Hehe! The part about the inscrutable front page and unfriendly signups is great. I really dig your business philosophy.
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I like that Matt sounds like a baritone muppet in real life.
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Matt's in the pipe. Five by five.
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I know the music was added in post, but it was fun to think that Dan turned it on and then increased the volume steadily to get Matt to stop talking.

Good interview!
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That's a good interview. Oddly enough a lot of things resonated with my own life, like the "start crazy project in your 20s" bit. I did the same when I decided to try my hand at novel writing. It took me 3 years to have a manuscript ready I felt I could submit and it's taken another year and a half for it to get accepted by a publisher, go through editing and be ready. I don't think even now I could start a long-term, high-risk venture like this. Your 20s is a great decade to waste.
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Is there a transcript somewhere? Also, how awesome would it be to have a service that would automatically transcribe podcasts?
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I believe it would look something like this except (idealizing here) it would be populated exclusively by disgraced ex-bankers and Wall Street types.
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This is good.
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I'm glad you guys liked the interview. Matt was awesome.

For those asking about a transcript - yes, we're in the process of transcribing all of the interviews. We'll be working on Matt's and will get it added to the site as soon as possible (probably within a week or so).

I'll add the link here, too, when it's ready.
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I listened to this last night, and it was good fun.

I agree with Matt's observation that programmers are often "lazy", but it's a peculiar kind of highly productive laziness. We would rather spend a whole day coding up something to automate a boring task than to spend an hour just doing that task. Even if it only needs to be done once. We don't seek to avoid work, we seek to avoid boring work.
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Aw, man. Thanks, Kattullus, for making me worry that I hadn't adequately and purposefully wasted my 20s. I've got some wastey catching-up to do.
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