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Can you point me to this thread (or the artist/sculptor) please?

(First MetaTalk, sorry if I'm doing this wrong) There was a post on the blue IIRC, probably years ago now, about an artist whose work was something like relief sculture and something like intricate dioramas. They were bizarre, creepy. Don't know the medium but they looked large and heavy. Maybe pewter?

Axe this if it is a faux pas but I didn't see anything about questions like this in the FAQ. Thanks.
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That is, the installations looked large and heavy. The figures were miniature and amazingly detailed, and interacting with one another.
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Ugh...Google-fu came through but it wasn't easy. Kuksi.

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Glad we could help!
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WTF? Drunken master google-fu but no linky?

Amazing art by Kris Kuksi
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since there's an open MetaTalk with a resolved issue...
Holy cow if you are using Plutor's deleted threads greasemonkey script the front page looks like a long error list right now. Busy day for deleting stuff.

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Yes, thanks, flatluigi! Sorry Babblesort.
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Should have seen it when James Brown died.
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James Brown died?
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