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The DailyBurn Challenge is over - how did it go for everyone? Do we want to start a new one?

I lost a fair bit of weight but my tracking went all to hell after January, and I could use the extra motivation. Was this worth it for anyone else? Were any of the other challenges useful? (Previously.)
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Okay, I missed out on this. Please again please.
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Sorry, I totally punked out. I got all self-conscious and it kind of demotivated me. Hope others did better than me!
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The % body weight loss challenge is still going on, it ends in a month. A lot of people's tracking fell off after Jan/Mid-Feb. I've been tracking my weight but not my food intake, but that's because I think I've got the hang of how much i need to eat each day. (But I totally couldn't have figured that out without logging it into Daily Burn each day and knowing MeFites would hate me if I was lying.)

I wanna do the 100 pushups/200 situps/200 squats program/thing next.
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oops, I meant to say, the % body weight challenge ends at the end of this month, in a week.
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I forgot to participate at Daily Burn but I have been watching what I eat, exercising, and tracking it all at a different web site.
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Let's do another one. I totally missed out on this and these are great motivation for me.
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I'm sure I'm an outlier, but here is my opinion. I signed up for this but dropped out pretty quickly. I remember being unable to enter some of my workouts because things are missing from the exercise database. Also I found the weight-loss focus off-putting. A lower number on the scale isn't always better.

Also hundredpushups is bad.

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I came in last place!

I had a 11% change (the wrong way) in my bodyfat mass because I actually started with inaccurate information gathered from a hand-held bodyfat analyzer. The handheld device was very inaccurate!

In February, I visited the Fitness Center at my local university and had a BodPod body mass analysis performed. I was shocked to find out how much fat I was carrying around and how little leanmass (bone and muscle) is carting around my total weight.

The BodPod experience is amazing though - I received highly accurate TEE (Total Energy Expenditure) numbers to base my daily calorie count upon and have become addicted to entering every meal and instance of exercise into dailyburn. (I'm buttermilkmeeks at dailyburn.)

I've literally been working my ass off in the gym and in the kitchen over the past year and a half - and I think that I've been making some of my best progress since I've been keeping records at dailyburn.

Kudos to y'all for introducing me to the site!
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I'd be up for doing this again since I missed the first round.
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I liked it, but not many people participated after awhile. (I stopped going to Daily Burn after Admiral Haddock quickly kicked all our butts on the elliptical challenge, but was tracking my weight elsewhere, so I went back recently and got caught up.)
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Okay, I missed out on this. Please again please.

Yeah, me too. I'm not crazy-crazy about DB, because it doesn't really cover the exercises I like to do (or at least didn't the last time I checked), but hopefully this will be a good motivator.
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Oh, the fail. The painful, public fail.
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More would be better. Let's keep going!
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I bombed on the body fat challenge, but am kicking butt in the weight loss challenge. I have mostly been starving myself due to big life issues right now, has nothing to do with discipline.
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It got to be too much work to put things in. Fitday's site has annoying ads but their activities and food databases are more complete.

It turns out I don't do well with this type of thing, either DB or FD. I finally just said "fuckit" and dropped the calorie counting.

Coincidentally, I gave up soda for Lent, and I've been drinking more tea and water. Also had to start thyroid meds because the gland is being wonky again.

I started the 100 pushups thing and started walking a couple of miles a day. Then I discovered the half circle trainer thingies and have been using the strength building modes.

So I weigh as much as I did when I started, but I had to take in the waistband on all my pants.

It's a great idea though, and if you missed the first round, give it another try!
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Yes, more, and I don't say that only because I am a Champion. Though I am a Champion.

The elliptical challenge was the first time I ever won anything broadly related to athleticism. It was fun to participate--and whenever I went on the machine, I entertained myself with movies on my iPod.

I think I have been to the gym once since winning the challenge, however, and that was only so I could finish District 9.
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Also, while I am not advocating for any alternative site, I did think that Daily Burn feels like it has a long way to go before it's actually good. Or has it improved since I forgot how to go to the gym?
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I dropped out of this because I am totally lazy, but I'm still intending to do it.
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I dropped out after a few weeks and started using my own spreadsheet, which I'll share here. It's a food log and a weight log. You have to log every food you eat, incl. fat grams and calories for each, but you get cool information back, like total fat grams & calories by day and in aggregate, as well as your daily metabolism rate (need a few weeks of data for that to make sense). And it has an awesome dashboard that keeps you on track with blue (nice) or red (bad) buttons if you exceed certain levels. The weight part graphs three things -- your daily weight, a five-day moving average, and a glide path that shows you the weight you need to stay under to get to your target (thanks, line diet!) You'll need to know a little excel to understand it, but not much.
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I just found DailyBurn, and here it is on MeFi. How'd I miss it? I'm up for anything exercise related after April 15th.
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Another epic fail based on bad data entered at start & then not really measurable change in what daily burn was measuring. That said after seven months of consistent yoga & gyrokinesis four times a week, I cleaned up my girls' room without throwing out my back for the first time in years and years and years, so *something* Very Important changed for the better!

I'll take my small wins where I can find them.
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I also am a Champion! and more sounds good as well. I agree daily challenge isn't great for many things.

perhaps we can have an exercise duration challenge in the next set, besides weight / fat loss?
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I would be for setting up "everybody wins" challenges -- could be for time/cumulative weight/distance/duration -- or weighty stuff. I think that would be more in the spirit of this place.
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Cool! I'm thinking that this week is shot so we may as well set up new challenges for Apr 1, but I'm not actually in charge or anything, I just got enough nagging emails to be thinking about it.

I'm not in love with DailyBurn, particularly for exercise, but it's there and my recent data is there and I figure unless someone makes a pitch for somewhere else, we may as well stick around.

More ideas for challenges - there are some things that it might be easier to just do as conversation threads but are kinda cool. I may start a walk/bike-to-work one if I can figure out how and if anyone wants to join me. I may be able to rope in the office Mefites at least :)
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I punked out, and I *instigated* it -- so, if anyone's feeling FAIL, stand next to me and you'll feel better. ;)

But the DB interface definitely got me derailed; I found it a bit clunky to have to re-enter values on different pages. Not sure if anyone else felt similarly and has a better site to use?

I also thought this ended April 1st, but, again, I've been really derailed in general -- I've hardly been reading mefi, too :(
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