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Hey San Diego! I'll be in town May 1 - 6 for a conference. Any interest in a meetup or other shenanigans?

I have never been to your fair city before, so I can't suggest anything. I am staying at the W San Diego, if it matters.
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So, you'll basically be in downtown San Diego right by the Gaslamp. First question is will you have a car? If you don't, any meetups would basically have to be in the Gaslamp itself or somewhere reachable by trolley.

I'm pretty terrible at suggesting places but a few thoughts to get it started: Hennessey's is a pretty standard bar that i'm sure would work fine especially if it's a weeknight; Extraordinary Desserts isn't your typical meetup place but offers yummy yummy desserts; there aren't many breweries in the Gaslamp proper (and Stone, if that's your thing, would definitely require a car) but there's one on Coronado that's a relatively quick taxi away.

I'd love to hear from people who know that part of SD better, as I've been away for a few years and don't know what's good/bad as much as others. I understand that we San Diegans are a quiet bunch when it comes to meetups, but hopefully some other SD Mefites will pop in to offer thoughts.
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Hamiltons and Toronado are the two best beer bars in the city.
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I may have a car. My co-worker plans to get one, but parking costs might cause us to rethink that plan. So, for the purposes of planning, let's assume I don't have one and that I'd either have to take public transportation or a cab.

The best evenings for me would be Sunday (May 2) or Wednesday (May 5).

I know that y6y6y6 is around here somewhere, I shall send him a Memail!
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I live in San Diego and am probably available!
If you're staying Downtown & want a cab to be affordable, Little Italy, Hillcrest and Gaslamp/East Village are your best bet. Public transportation isn't too great in San Diego, although the trolley can get you to Old Town.
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Ooh, ooh, Downtown Johnny Brown's! I rarely go there because I hate dealing with the Gaslamp, but it will be totally walkable for our out-of-town guest (less than half a mile from W) and they have a fantastic and oft-overlooked beer selection. If we went that route, I'd vote for Sunday afternoon/evening so street parking will be free.
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*Interested* I'm new to San Diego and would love the chance to meet some folks here - unfortunately I am TOO new to be able to suggest any good spots...
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Best options for Mexican food if you have limited time* -

Rudy's taco shop - Tiny mom & pop place with really great meat. Get the little street tacos.

Tacos El Paisa - My favorite place for al pastor or adobada tacos. Sit outside, get some beers, eat street tacos till you can't eat any more.

Mama Testa - Tacos of all kinds. Really unique. Spend a long time reading the menu, it's worth it. Or just get the potato or fish tacos.

Super Cocina - True homestyle Mexican food. As real as it gets. Ask for samples.

Mariscos el Pescador - My favorite taco truck. Just seafood. Way better than it has any reason to be. If you don't speak Spanish things can get confusing. Just order a taco gobernador, a taco pescador, and then anything you see others eating that looks good.

El Comal - Great sit-down Mexican food. My go-to choices are the marinated pork tacos, the chicken enchiladas with green mole, and the fundido with peppers and chorizo.

* By "best" I mean the things, in my humble option, that are truly great Mexican food you're unlikely to find in other places.

** Yelp links only because they have good business info and maps. The reviews there are crap.

*** Parking is free and easy at all of these, but you might need to walk a block or so at Mama Testa.
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I should mention, none of those are good for a meet up. I just got a MeMail about SD Mexican food suggestions.

Meetups in the Gaslamp may be slightly silly as it is an overpriced tourist trap full of drunk people. Some place in Hillcrest might be better. The Tractor Room perhaps?
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I second Hillcrest. In fact, I ate twice my weight at A Taste of Hillcrest Saturday.
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Ok, I am going to put a link on the sidebar for this thread so it doesn't disappear into the ether.
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Ok guys and gals...I sidebarred the thread but there's been no more discussion...does Sunday evening work for anyone? I am willing to go to Hillcrest if that's the place to be.
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I'd be able to make it Sunday evening! To throw out a suggestion, how about a frozen yogurt place? They're fun, usually have some games to goof around with, seating that encourages hanging around and chatting. I love Fiji in Hillcrest, went there tonight for dessert actually...
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This Sunday evening (May 2?)...what time do you think? Hillcrest is fine as long as that's the preference (it's a quick ride from where you'll be, cabingirl). Are we meeting at Fiji, the Tractor Room, or someplace else altogether?
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Well, time-wise I'm not sure. My co-workers want me to have dinner with them in Coronado. So I guess I could do something in the afternoon (4ish), or later in the evening (9ish). Fiji would be fine with me.
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We're not very organized with this meetup thing, are we? cabingirl, if you're reading, can you make 4ish? I have no idea who might show up, but you'd get a chance to get out and about.
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Hey, I ended up making other plans when I didn't hear from people. Sorry it didn't work out! we are at the Birch Aquarium right now...
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Anyone still up for tonight around 9? I'll definitely be there!
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I'll be there!
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We met up, all three of us: exceptinsects, my (non MeFite) mister, and myself. A lovely time was had!
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Yay! Even though I wasn't able to be there, I am happy that someone met up.
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We met up, all three of us: exceptinsects, my (non MeFite) mister, and myself. A lovely time was had!

This is basically par for the course for SD meetups. There have only been two previous.
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