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Meetup Sub-thread: MaxFunsters LA 5/6 + Robot Skeletons/Hobos + MaxFunCon!

Several orders of business: first off, if you are a Mefite attending MaxFunCon, could you sound off here?

Secondly, LA has instigated a meetup thread that I'm horning in on, but so far the LA people seem amenable. Anybody else from out-of-town interested? Pipe up there.

Thirdly, my One True Spouse Bryanjbusch and I will be going to the Late Late Show at 5pm on Thursday, and from my experience getting tickets, they largely rely on professional seat-filling chicken-promised hoboes, so any other Craig Ferguson fans should join us there, and then we'll meet up with others afterward.

Fourthly, I've reached out to the mods only to find they are too cool for LA on a Thursday and won't be arriving until it's time to forge the pants-shitting way up the mountain on Friday, but perhaps we could do an in-con meetup - maybe at a meal? - while we're up there, but after the pants-changing. Even if you are very shy, please come find me on Friday (curvy curly redhead with a nose ring, should say Lyn Never on my badge) or ColdChef (if you have to ask, I'll point him out to you) or Bryan J Busch or even one of the mods, who are very kind people, so we can self-identify for later re-congregation? I might even organize stickers or something, I'm not sure how many there are of us this year.

Trivially, I'm Rifftrax/Trivia on Saturday am/pm, if anybody wants to come sit next to me.
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I will be there! I'm considering hosting a MetaFilter hospitality suite in my cabin (depending on who my roommate turns out to be) so you'll all be welcome there for the after-after parties. Sadly, I'm coming into town on Friday and leaving early Monday, so I won't make a meetup outside of MaxFunCon. But I look forward to seeing all of you there!
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I'm there along with my lovely daughter. We're getting in Thursday night, so too late for the Ferguson taping. We're planning un getting brunch in Santa Monica, then heading to the lake in the early afternoon. We're in Rifftrax in the AM and Hodgman in the PM.

My name tag will say Darryl Asher (because that's my name). AKA "Darryl in Montana" on the MaxFun forums. And just plain ol' "Darryl" on the aspecialthing.com boards. Cold Chef knows me, as well as Jesse and and quite a few other folks there, so just shout or ask around and someone will grab me by the neck. My daughter is Crystalinne (a non-Mefite.)

There's a facebook event page for MaxFunCon also, so if you are on facebook and haven't added yourself to that list, it might be worthwhile.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there, especially the Mefi contingent.

(Also, ColdChef, if you have any concerns about the hospitality suite and your roommate, I can for sure offer my cabin, since it's me and my daughter, and I PAID HER WAY so she won't have any say in the matter. And she would enjoy it anyway. So just let me know.)
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I've reached out to the mods only to find they are too cool for LA on a Thursday and won't be arriving until it's time to forge the pants-shitting way up the mountain on Friday

Um. I'm arriving on Thursday, but too late to go to a meetup. And then yeah, whee MaxFun. I am a little nervous about MaxFun.
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Just consider MaxFun to be a meet-up, but longer, with great food and entertainment, and some extra people.
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Damn, I was too nervous to sign up for MaxFun myself, and now I'm missing Mefi people too. Oh Well - have fun guys!
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No need to be nervous! (hippy voice) These are your people, man!
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I am a little nervous about MaxFun.

It really is a cool place with really nice people. I can understand being nervous about it, but I think you'll end up having a ball.

Lyn, Bryan...'fraid I won't be around to hang around with this year if you skip Saturday night's festivities again. Maybe next year. Have fun!
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I volunteered to move across the lake, so I won't be hosting a MeFi hospitality room. Anyone else going to Camp Zebra with me?
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What does that even mean? I'd go to Camp Zebra!
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I figured it out and volunteered for Camp Zebra.
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Meanwhile, maybe I'll host a hospitality room. No wait, I mean hostility room.
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