Please don't let this Los Angeles meetup thread die prematurely April 17, 2010 4:14 PM   Subscribe

Dearest Angelenos, we've had two different meetup threads that have ended in nothing--let's maybe salvage at least one of them!

Or do something else entirely.
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Daily Pint! Also, some other thing where we can drink!

I'm up and around now (first day out without a crutch!) and can drink every other day.

I'm also of a mind to have a Klang's Mobile party soon enough. Probably after the bed is gone and we have more room.
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Well the Danf thing is this weekend. As in, he's in town right now so I don't know if plans are salvageable for many people. But we've still got a week before dobbs visits the West side. I'm still down for the DP action—that's the place with the shitton of brown liquor and a shuffleboard table, right? Sounds like a good time.
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Daily Pint is mere blocks from my house. Ergo, I can go there pretty much anytime. Standing by.
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I am still on schedule but obviously can't choose the venue.
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Hurray, klang!
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I was wondering about those! I'm totally down for a Daily Pint visit.
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OK, how about a date. From the last thread, sometime btw April 25 - May 9.
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I kept meaning to start a thread about this, as there will probably be a number of MaxFunCon-bound Mefites in LA on Thursday 5/6. I know Thursdays are kind of crap for meetups, but it would be nice to see anyone who wanted to get together.
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(I will be out of town May 1-May 5, May 6 would be awesome)
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The 25th and the 9th are not good for me as those are travel days. May 5 is my birthday. Not sure if that works for or against it being the date. 6th is fine with me, too, as who wouldn't want to meet Space Kitty?

If anyone's around Venice and wants to meet outside of a meetup for a movie or whatever, I might be game for that, too. I don't have many plans while there except meet a few film school peeps I haven't seen in years and one meeting with an industry person (none of these dates are set yet). Outside of those I'll just be chillin' and, hopefully, writing.

Anyone who wants to suggest solo, no-car-needed activities for me in Venice, I'd love to hear 'em.
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I'm leaving town on Thursday for a week. The 6th works pretty well for me. I'm afraid that Thin Lizzy is almost certainly a no-show, as she is about to be consumed by the work-monster.

I'm two days away from hiatus (that's like summer break for teevee writers) and therefore can emerge from the cave I've been living in. Right after Klang took his spill, I had mentioned the idea of using the next meet-up as some sort of KlangAid to help him cover medical bills and whatnot. If people are amenable, perhaps this would be a good meet-up to make that happen? I don't know what would be the best way to do it, aside from either just passing a hat or maybe selling fancy cupcakes or something (if I thought any Mefites watched The Mentalist I'd offer up teevee memorabilia).
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I'm interested but I will probably be pretty slammed with work until summer break/graduation on the 14th. (That's like hiatus for grad students.)
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The 6th is out for me- and Mr. F; we're headed to the Pac NW for w00tstock. MaxFunGoing MeFites and others should feel free to go on without us.
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Reciprocal thread for MaxFunCon attendees.
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Not to thread-hog, but where did we leave off here?
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The 6th seems to work, let's go with that.
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So, the 6th at the Daily Pint. Seconded, motion carries.
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Sidebarred! Shall we say, oh, 7pm or so?
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So sayeth we all.
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I'm visiting a friend in LA that week. I arrive on the 6th at 11:30PM at LAX. Not sure if the meet-up will still be active by then though.
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If you can, ijoyner, check this thread when you land. I'm sure folks will be chiming in here throughout the night.
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Aight. Added to my calendar.
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Just so I don't end up in in the wrong place, this is it, correct?
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That's the one!
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Ah, this refers to a Thursday. I will not be in attendance, then. DErbY pRaCTiCe!!!!1
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Good GOD I can't believe I almost missed this. I need to pay better attention. Also, I'm there!
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I'm in. Looking forward to it.
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I assume that 7PM stands as dhammond suggests, since nobody has opined otherwise.
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Seeing as how my last meet-up was a couple of years ago, I'm going to come out for this one. Ah, the advantages of being back stateside.
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I'll be aiming towards sevenish. Thin Lizzy is out due to rehearsals.
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Somewhere on a plane between Denver & LA I caught the motherfucking plague of doom. I'll be sitting at home nursing a hot toddy, bitching and moaning.

Wish you were here.

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I'm just getting off work and don't feel like driving home to downtown then back out to the west side, so I'll likely be napping in my truck across the street when 7 rolls around. If you see me all passed out and drooling, feel free to wake me up.
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I might roll up a little early, carson...
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I've had an absolutely insane weekend that didn't really end until last night, but I'm still going to try and drag my sleepy hungover ass over there when I'm done with this here work stuff I'm trying to do.

The Daily Pint can get pretty crowded, do we have a.. flag? (cake? death?) Sign? Someone calling everyone that goes by a special snowflake? I think space kitty is the only mefite that was talking about going that I might recognize and the plague has ruined that....
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Yeah, I don't recognize any you peeps. I've got too much hair and a sunburned nose if that helps. And fake Nike Chuck Taylors with orange swooshes.
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I will almost certainly have a very beat-up black leather jacket, blue jeans, and a hardcover copy of Revolution 1989 by Victor Sebestyen.
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Well, I'm roughly on my way, and look more or less like this. I don't promise that I'll be muppet-smiling the whole time though.
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Anybody there yet? If so what table?
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Hate to do this but I can't hear myself think in this place and can't imagine having a conversation here so gonna split. $8 for a glass of gin is crazytalk too. Crazytalk! Have fun y'all. Please don't curse my name too much.
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Grabbing a cheesesteak outside at the moment... Think I mightve just watched donna walk out...
posted by flaterik at 8:00 PM on May 6, 2010

And my iPhone thinks dobbs should change his name..
posted by flaterik at 8:01 PM on May 6, 2010

It's pretty much the entire back corner of the bar for anyone wondering!
posted by flaterik at 8:28 PM on May 6, 2010

That's funny, dobbs. Some of us were actually talking about you, wondering when you were going to show up. :-)
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Sorry about that. I got there about 715, asked 3 groups worth if they were MeFites and got strange looks, paid $8 for a glass of Hendricks, then left at about 5 to 8. I also asked the barkeep (blonde woman) if she knew where the Metafilter people were and she didn't have a clue what I was talking about.

I truly was not digging the vibe of that place--my paranoia was totally wigged out--so yeah, sorry folks. Hope you all a great time.

After I left I walked down towards the beach and went to Pier 212 or 212 Pier (not sure the name) and saw poet Ellyn Maybe perform. I met her about a week ago at a party downtown and remembered she had a gig. Man do my feet hurt. I can't believe not a single bus or taxi passed me. (I'd also walked to the bar from Lake and Penmar.)
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Well, I can't imagine where else I would have discussed Debbie Gibson, the Center for Land Use Interpretation, and Lakshmi Singh in short order while drinking a beer called Russian River Damnation. Sorry for your vexation, dobbs!

(Also, yes. You generally have to call taxis in L.A. They don't usually hang around like in New York. It was actually illegal to hail cabs on the street in certain parts of the city until recently, as I recall.)
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I dithered over attending this meetup til the very last minute, but I'm really glad I went! Having been inspired by mykescipark's decision to try a beer called Damnation, I went with a Ruination IPA, which was not too shabby. Although I think I learned more than I ever wanted to know about Middle-American eating habits (deep-fried otter?!).
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Hahaha. It was pan-fried otter!
posted by mykescipark at 5:32 AM on May 7, 2010

Sorry you weren't feeling it, dobbs. I learned a lot about short-wave radio and the elements of photography, and then joe_chip and I went to the Apple Pan, and that place rules.
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Nice seeing everyone. "A good time was had by all."

(Sorry we missed out on meeting you, dobbs. I hope the inexplicable bad vibes of the Daily Pint did not sully the rest of your evening.)
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Well since we're dropping beer names, I guess I aimed to drink the most ridiculously named ones last night--the Velvet Merkin and Jubilale 2010. Both were delicious.

And I'm hoping we convinced dashiv that Lady Gaga is a true artiste.
posted by mandymanwasregistered at 11:42 AM on May 7, 2010

Good times indeed. I learned that Yellowtail is not just a crappy wine, it's a crappy beer, too. I had a great time seeing all of you. Although, I have to admit that I was disappointed that all of Klang's cybernetics are internal.
posted by HE Amb. T. S. L. DuVal at 12:01 PM on May 7, 2010

nthing the "that was a nice time!". I still say we need a flag, but I'm happy I could participate in a gaga indoctrinationeducation.
posted by flaterik at 1:13 PM on May 7, 2010

Definitely a good time. Bar games are fun, when the pool table isn't warped beyond recognition and the shuffleboard table is monopolized by some serious patrons!
posted by buzzkillington at 4:10 PM on May 7, 2010

Bookhouse, one of the reasons I wanted to meet you was because I was curious to talk Deadwood. Did you ever go back and watch the third season?

Also, did Klang show up? One of the lowlights of my trip here is not meeting him.
posted by dobbs at 8:46 PM on May 7, 2010

I was thereā€¦ but I'm losing my edge.

Are you back in, what, Toronto (he says, not bothering to check the user page), Dobbs? Or are you still here? Because we can still get together.
posted by klangklangston at 9:16 PM on May 7, 2010

I am still here but only until Sunday and I'm supposed to see Bonnie Prince Billy tomorrow night and go to some museum and art show in the day so am pretty much outta time. Tomorrow's my busiest scheduled day. Doesn't help that I'm on foot.

I gotta admit, with the exception of pisspoor barbers and fake lime cordial, I mostly loved it out here and am gonna try and figure out what I can do to come back more permanently. I have a bunch of scripts in various states of undress which I will do my damnedest to fully clothe upon my return to, yes, Toronto. Hopefully some of the connections I've made in the past month will result in something or other. It's been a great trip.

I had planned to chip into your fund in person but it looks like I'll have to send you digital dollars. Your scars make me cringe; your bills make me weep. Ouch on both counts. Glad you're up and about now though.
posted by dobbs at 11:19 PM on May 7, 2010

Photos from the meetup are now online here.

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"I gotta admit, with the exception of pisspoor barbers and fake lime cordial,"

Lime cordial I can't help you with, but there's a fantastic old-school barber just off Venice across the street from the Mar Vista post office. Dude and son know how to cut hair, though they don't do the straight razor shaves that I think should be part of the repertoire. Some chain place called Floyd's just moved in at the end of the block, which seems like a bit of a dick move to me, but L&R seem to be hanging in there fine. I've been to a bunch of other barbers out here, and none have done me right like those guys (though my hair's gettin' sloppy enough that I probably need to go back for the summer lop).
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I, unfortunately, have a "stylist." But she's Chilean and insane and dresses like it's still the '80s on the Sunset Strip and smokes me up with my haircut, so I'm not complaining.
posted by mykescipark at 9:05 PM on May 8, 2010

klang, actually, yeah, it was the shave I was talking about. I went to a bunch of oldskool barbers looking for a shave and they all kept saying they don't do them. I was baffled because in Toronto, all those guys do them. So I succumb and go to Floyd's and ask and lo and behold, they do it.

And... it's the worst shave I've ever had in my life. I mean, he's 2 minutes into it and I can tell the blade is dull and I call him on it and he reveals that, "In California we have blood laws. We're not allowed to use true straight razors. Though they look like straight razors, they're actually disposable."

Seriously, wtf?! Why on earth would you think anyone would want you to shave them with a single blade disposable? Utterly baffling. I wet shave at home with a 25 cent blade in a safety razor and get a considerably closer shave than this place gives for $24. Madness. :)

So... I guess it's why none of these oldskool guys give shaves anymore. They can't do it with a true straight razor and they know it's madness to do with a disposable.
posted by dobbs at 2:03 AM on May 9, 2010

Oh, so you did go to Floyd's!? Just appreciate the fact you only came out with a crap shave. You could very well have died smothered in Andy's butt. (Shamed!) I think you can find the oldskool guys who'll only stop their hand tremors the moment blade touches skin in some of the more culturally unified parts of town (East L.A., maybe Compton) but yeah I've asked at lots of places downtown/Hollywood/westsideish about getting a good shave and usually the look I get in response is enough to tell me to try to find one elsewhere.

I'm really sorry we missed you at the Daily Pint, dobbs. I was a zombie that night and totally spaced on keeping an eye out for people/updating this thread.
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