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Meetup-with-an-ulterior-motive: Winsor and Newton factory tour in Middlesex, England, on May 4, 2010 -- anybody?

A colleague of mine recently did this tour (see here) and was over-the-top complimentary about it. Needless to say, I want to do it too! But they have a 12-person minimum before they will book a tour, and I'm just one person.

So, mefites, here's your chance to help me stack the deck -- by joining me on the Most Amazing Tour Ever (of a paint factory). Free stuff is involved. The catch? They only do tours on Tuesday, and I'm only in England on Tuesday, May 4. I checked, and there's currently no tour booked for that date, which means I need to scrounge some people.

I know, long shot, but I thought I'd try!
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Man oh man oh man, Windsor and Newton watercolors are basically the only thing I will use these days (except for their raw umber; I don't know why but I can not abide W&N raw umber.) This sounds so cool, in that really fantastically nerdy way. Unfortunately, my flight back to the states is on the first.
But, your quest is a worthy one! Never give up! Never Surrender!
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Where did that extra d come from? Winsor and Newton. Winsor.
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Count me as a tentative yes, assuming nothing weird comes up at work. What time of day is the tour?

For those Londoners considering it, the factory is on the Bakerloo line.
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According to the agenda they sent me, the tour begins at 10am and ends around 1-1:30pm.
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I'd love to go on the tour, but I have a stupid continent and ocean blocking the way. GRAR!
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Hm, maybe I was overly optimistic in putting this in the meetup sidebar. It looks like with just two of us, there's no way it's a go.
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I'd be up for it and could probably get hold of another person too - but doesn't make 12 of course. Sorry about that.
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Hm, I am going to write to them and ask what happens if we have 4 or 5... maybe there are other people like me, with a small group interested (a girl can dream, right?), and we can join forces.
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