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An update of sorts to this post on new species in Papua, New Guinea.

This feels like high school all over again - a new year, new faces. The Foja Mountain area is an Indonesian National Wildlife Sanctuary made up of pristine isolated rainforest free from development, roads, and deforestation. Researchers have been processing more of their field investigations, and the unique just keeps coming.

Discoveries including a new species of dwarf wallaby that is the smallest in the world, a wooly rat and a candidate for pint-size king of cute.
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This should be a post on metafilter, not metatalk.
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Yeah, throw it up as an FPP. Link to the original post as previously ... .

If anyone gives you shit, I never said this.
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I'm going to go ahead and close this up now.
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We're trying to encourage taking not-particularly-mefi-related, post-worthy updates to old threads in the Just Make A New Post direction, and this seems like probably a good example of that. So, yeah, I'll actually go ahead and close this up now. If someone wants to make a post out of it, cool.
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