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Hi all I have been out of MeFi for years and years and have come back with a happy ending update to this post I made almost exactly 5 years ago: http://ask.metafilter.com/19372/Divorce-Separation-and-Immigation-from-Russia-to-the-UK

Good news is that we sorted it all out. I sponsored her on a student visa, she got her second Masters here in the UK, earns a great living as a contractor, we got married, became UK citizens, and baby on way :)
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I'll support this just for the sheer weirdness of it, and because you're so damned excited about it. Yay!! And it's good to see people coming to (instead of fleeing from) MetaFilter. Now show us ultrasound pics? Or, you know... it didn't happen.
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Here's a direct link to the post if you're too lazy to cut and paste like I usually am. I'm thinking you're glad you didn't run away per the suggestions. Me too.
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Congratulations to both of you!
I couldn't be more pleased that you didn't take the advice of everyone that told you to run away.
Best wishes.
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I often agree with advice to dump whomever because I really don't like drama but that one I didn't agree with. just because someone's legal situation is messy doesn't mean they aren't worthy of love. I'm glad you sorted out the legal stuff and congratulations on all the happiness.
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Yay! I recently got out of a long immigration wrangle myself. I'm happy to see that things worked out.
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Congratulations, kiwi.es! That is a wonderful happy ending! (and congratulations to you too, Kattallus!)

I've actually been waiting for 5 years on MeFi for a resolution to that very thread, and now that I have "closure," I can finally leave and never come back to this site - a dank and foetid hole wherein all of humanity's most depraved abominations bite and claw their sloppy way through rivers of self-made filth. Apart from your thread, of course, kiwi.es - that was a nice one. Very little filth in your entire story. And this thread, the follow up - this one is pretty good too. And some of the sidebar comments are quite informative and interesting. Actually, most of the links on the front page today were great too.

But the important thing is, I never ever have to come to this cesspool of spiteful horror ever again, and finally my anxiety is stilled and my--oh yeah AskMe is quite good as well! Anyway - goodbye forever, metafilter, you suppurating carbuncle of vileness!
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Don't listen to quiddy, he's allergic to kiwis.
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So *this* how babby formed! Congratulations!
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As one of humanity's most depraved abominations, I rarely stop writhing and foaming at the mouth to register anything but my own vileness. Clawing through the self-made filth today I banged my head on the keyboard until this thread somehow appeared, and lo, the light of its happiness pierced the film of rancid GRAR in which I am encrusted. Happy news such as this from beyond the grey pit has given me hope, enough that I could gnaw through the straps and smash out a message of schmoop to brighten the eternal maw of Hell that we call MeTa. The dark ones will take their horrible revenge, of this I am sure, but it is a small price to pay for a candle in this undulating river of bile and blackness.

So to sum up - MetaFilter: The suppurating carbuncle of vileness you can't live without. (and, Congratulations you two.)
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Congratulations! This is very nice to hear.
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I couldn't be more pleased that you didn't take the advice of everyone that told you to run away.

Yes, this should be required reading for everyone who responds to relationship filter questions.

Also, the first suggestion in the original AskMeta is to check a newsgroup. Times change.
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"..goodbye forever, metafilter, you suppurating carbuncle of vileness!"

This would have been completely awesome if you'd actually closed your account, even for just a day.
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I actually remember this thread. Damn. And I am delighted to hear that y'all are happy and good and congratulations, also, on the babby. Sleep now and remember that nothing anyone says in the first 6 weeks should ever be remembered.

But the thing I am spotting now in that thread is that it is the place where languagehat misspelled inamorata.
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Which (having hit post too soon) is giving me unholy glee, because, man, it turns out that the misspelling is the title of a Pat Benatar album and, dude, hat, Pat Benatar? Hee.
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did you use the ya tebya loobloo then mate ? always works for me - keep em happy i say.
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*sends gift wrapped hugbucket from china (via slow boat) as christening present*
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Aww thanks guys for all your comments!
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