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i'm looking for a previous post on women's shoes from a few years ago. It was a link to beautifully animated 3d renderings of the shoes being "built". 360 degree views. Can't seem to find.
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I think it might have been this thread, although the link is now broken. You can see some of the renderings in this Youtube video. NSFW WARNING: The URL on that video is NOT owned by Skins footwear anymore, so please please don't enter it into your browser.
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This? The 360 views are mentioned in the post but I don't see them in the linked-to site. If not, did you fav it? I see a few shoe-related posts in your faves.
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Thanks but not correct.
The link I am looking for had contemporary, hi-fashion women's shoes – I think it was a designers/illustrators portfolio of sorts – that presented about 8 or so different shoes consecutively (kind of floating in space) as they rotated and were virtually constructed.
Thanks for looking
posted by pmaxwell at 6:18 PM on May 25, 2010

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