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Can there be a Philadelphia meetup?

So I've lived here since August, but most of the time I've been in my apartment doing homework. I am now half-done with grad school and free (well, at nights and on weekends) for the summer! I would love to meet some interesting people--and interesting people, as we know, read metafilter--who live here but don't go to school with me, maybe in a part of the city I don't know as well. I have been bouncing back and forth between West Philly and Center City, so maybe somewhere else?

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Yes, please.
posted by moviehawk at 12:54 PM on May 25, 2010

I move to Philly July 1st, but will be at a relatively trivial distance in Hershey until then. I'm in.
posted by The White Hat at 1:00 PM on May 25, 2010

We're working on having one in a couple weeks, June 4th or 5th in Center City. Please do stop in that thread and come stop by that meetup.

However! I'd love to have another one in the works, so yes, more meetups are an awesome idea.
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Oh yeah, other meetup thread.
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@piratebowling oh! i must have missed that thread. I even checked before I posted, too. I failed. I'm sorry! However, it turns out I'm in Florida for my father's birthday June 3-5 anyway. Otherwise I definitely would come.
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I am actually dog sitting in South Philly for the next week if the South Philly kids are up for hanging out sooner than later but I imagine a lot people have plans this weekend already.
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I'm going to New York for the weekend or else I'd be trying to convince the Straightener go eat vietnamese food and play with dogs and listen to Dio.
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Dude, man. Dio karaoke.
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This is the point in the thread where I tell you all that I miss you and pout that I'm not there.

This is also the point in the thread when I mention that I'm coming to visit sometime in Q3, and I want to see you all then!
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Dude, man. Dio karaoke.

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Yes, please let me embarrass myself in front of you all by belting Sinatra off-key.


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I'm busy Thursday and Saturday, but otherwise am all kinds of up for a quickie* in South Philly.

*Y'know, a quickly-planned Meetup.
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I'm coming to visit sometime in Q3

Dude, who talks like that? Could you name like a season or something to tell me when you're visiting?
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Cool, I'll check back and see if anyone else is around for the weekend and I'll text you to see what either Friday night or Sunday look like.
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I suspect it will be October so that I can maximize my enjoyment of autumnal weather!

youarenothere - nobody is allowed to sing that song! Did you not hear about the killings in the Philippines?! People were being shot for singing "My Way!" I wont let you risk yourself like that!
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Did I hear someone say South Philly?
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I might even be able to sneak out for a beer on Sunday. I'll check this space!
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greekphilosophy: come visit sooner! Philly misses you!!!!
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Say, my band will be in town to play at the Fire on Friday night! It's probably not all that convenient for you South Philly folks, though. So maybe not so much an alternate meetup suggestion as a "hey, come see my band if you're in the neighborhood." I'll buy you a drink!
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If anyone is interested in bike racing, I'll be on the Parkway Friday morning setting up, Saturday morning for the time trial and Sunday for the race. Stop by and say hello.
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So wait, is karaoke happening? When and where?
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karaoke is always happening, in my mind.

Don't cryyyyy out loud.... keep it inside... learn how to hide your feeeelingsss...
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Ack! You're right, greekphilosohy. I suppose I'd never choose that song anyway; I'd rather be the person snarling an exasperated Liza-esque "Everyone picks the Sinatra..." toward desuetude.

Fly high and prooooooud/And if you should fall/Remember you almost had it alllllllllllllllllllll
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