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"52 year old with an 18 y/o Yale beauty queen... right" And add in horny step-son the same age.

Here were go again.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Throwing a firehose at this seems counterproductive. -- cortex

And did you hear that she just quit her job yesterday! Yeah, her boss called her a HOPA!!
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Please don't do this. What is this callout about?
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Really? The other one wasn't enough?
I think we've agreed that this is a completely fucked up situation, but she's a kid, so one more metatalk isn't going to convince her of anything.

Please, people answering in the thread: don't give her any heavy-handed shaming for being in this (completely stupid, inappropriate relationship). She's 18 and is likely just going to dismiss it. There's a lot of level-headed advice in there right now, please let's keep it up.

And I don't think this thread is going to go anywhere productive.

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I think we should close this one up, right now.
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I'm pretty sure my ex girlfriend made me see this movie some time in the 90s. I think Ethan Hawke was in it. Or maybe Balthazar Getty. Either way, I remember it kinda of sucked.
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Congratulations. This MeTa post is even creepier than the relationship described in the AskMe question. That's quite a feat.
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I'm not clear why we need a metatalk thread about this. If we do in fact need one, someone needs to be clearer about why when they post it. Totally fine to drop us some contact mail if you want to chat about it or anything first.
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