What do you think the most underated weblogs are? October 8, 2000 7:25 PM   Subscribe

What do you think the most underated weblogs are? I could give a damn about the popular ones: popularity usually = mediocrity, in my opinion. I'm just searching for the more obscure ones that don't suck. No shameless self promotion please. No one likes an egoist.
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Two gems I've discovered and found very entertaining is Her Shoes, and my old partner in MiScHiEf, KareBlog. These two ladies really don't care about links or popularity... they just give you anecdotes about their lives. Really insightful, well written, and you really feel like you're "old friends" after a few entries.

Give me more weblogs like that over the "name droppers" or the silly little comments any day.
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I've enjoyed reading Kitchbitch for a while now, her writing is witty and mature for her age (18 or 19 I think).
She's been on a trip round the US for 3 weeks and has now started at Oxford University so more recent additions have been more sporadic, but she aims to sort out her access from Uni. and be back to normal soon. Highly recommended when on form.
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Oops, my bad, thats
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OK Matt, time for a comment preview on Metatalk.
Last chance before I give up.
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Succaland's been entertaining me for... wow, a really long time now. A year or two? I usually lose interest after a few months of sites I read on a daily basis, and relegate them to "try and remember the URL, check every few weeks for interesting stuff" status. Not Succa. He's second on my daily bookmark adventures.

(the first being a site I contribute to, and won't link to)
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I really like NASWeblog but if you aren't interested in shortwave radio, you may find it a bit boring.
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it's hard to know whether any of these are ones you would consider popular: it depends on which blogcircle you swim in. anyway, these are always excellent:


bird on a wire

follow me here




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let's think about this. you're looking for people that have un-popular weblogs, so you can look at them, (and likely give other people the idea of doing that, since the links are posted on this page, and people will be curious..), thus giving them more traffic, hence making them more popular?

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