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Follow-up: Remember the Long Match? The Smithsonian's American History Museum has acquired John Isner's racquet from that match. (Also: Xan Brooks' live blog for the Guardian)

To refresh your memory, the match lasted 11 hours and 5 minutes over three days. The previous record for length, 6 hours and 33 minutes, was set at the 2004 French Open.
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"Acquired" is a bit of a fig leaf. I've still got a bump on my head.

They also took my kidneys.
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Interesting! I was just thinking about that match yesterday. I "watched it" here. John McEnroe was worried about permanent damage to their bodies. How are they doing these days?
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Is this still the grey?
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How are they doing these days? Isner is currently playing in the US Open but is fresh off an ankle injury.
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