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Strangely, this deleted post, which meant to confirm the death of the long storied Duke Nukem franchise occured on the same day as the first concrete information that the Duke lives on emerges from the Penny-Arcade Expo (PAX)

Randy Pitchform, president of Gearbox Software and developer on Duke Nukem 3D, is even walking around in a "Come Get Some!" t-shirt at PAX. More pictures confirm the inevitable, the wait for Duke Nukem Forever continutes.
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I like the way you left in different options for parsing the last clause.

... the wait for Duke Nukem Forever ... continues


... the wait for Duke Nukem ... Forever continues.
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I feel like this is a "when there's concrete (for values of 'concrete' that function in the same universe as DNF news) news and something interesting to link to on the internet, someone can make a post to the front page then" sort of situation.

Right now it's sort of a non-story until it's a story, and the way Duke's long ridiculous vaporware history goes it's kind of tough to say where a story actually turns into a story. So I'm not sure we need a metatalk thread to talk about it, basically.
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I like the way I left in an extra T for "tight"
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