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So I have an article that I want to post, but the article is essentially a question regarding how people read. Abebooks had a blog post about it and the Guardian picked up on this issue as well. Should I post this on MetaFilter or under AskMefi? No matter where I post it, people will offer up their own preferences for how they read a book. As I see it, this post would be more appropriate in the Green, but I'm not certain.
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The question "How do you like to position yourself when you read?" belongs in AskMe. The links—which I haven't looked at—if they're good, belong on the front page.
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If I posted this question in the AskeMe section, would it be helpful to post the links or is that something separate that should be kept out of the question?
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In my opinion, the question 'How do you like to position yourself when you read?' is chatfilter, and probably doesn't belong on AskMe.

And two short blog posts don't make a great front-page post.

I understand that you wish to participate in a discussion about how people position themselves when they read, but there might not be a good place to post this on Metafilter.
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Yeah really I guess it depends what you are after. If you have a problem you are trying to sovle then use AskMe and let people know, but if the question is "I am just wondering how people read?" that's a little vague and chatty and probably doesn't belong there. If you just think the article and related articles are interesting post them to the blue. Just because they're likely to elicit answers doesn't make them not good for there. That said, you've now posted them here. MetaTalk isn't really a place for trying out post for MeFi or AskMe, though I understand why you asked. So, why don't you make an FPP about it and we can close this up?
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Thanks for the info, I've posted on the blue. This is also my first post in the Grey, always learning with this forum/site.
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I read on the toilet. As I get older I find I am reading more. Is this an over share?
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Excellent, since it's there I'll close this up.
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