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Racking my brains here looking for a semi-recent (this year? 2009?) Ask Metafilter question: Someone's wife was documenting every perceived slight and argument, I believe by printing out chats and emails. Please tell me I'm not imagining this post, as it had some thoughtful answers that would be useful to show to a friend to whom this is now happening!
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My skin is crawling even as I'm curious to know more
posted by The Lady is a designer at 2:46 AM on October 3, 2010 [2 favorites]

You don't mean this one by a suspicious husband, do you? It doesn't quite fit your description. Neither does this. But those are the closest I found.
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That was the gist of a slightly eerie AskReddit post a whiles back...... was it that?
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I am confident that no such post ever existed, and I dare all of you to prove me wrong.
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That post never, ever existed. You will never prove me wrong.
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This question makes me think someone or several someones should categorize Relationship filter questions.

I would do it myself, but it sounds like it would take more than 2 minutes, there you go.
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I do not remember this and it sounds like something I'd remember.
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bardophile, that was it!!!

At the time I must have skimmed it and apparently didn't remember it so sharply after all, especially the part about the USB drive and the minor detail of it being on a whole other site.

Thank you so much! I don't think I would have found it without your help. Hopefully, this will help my poor friend feel less surreal and alone.
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Er, how embarrassing -- I mean dontjumplarry, although bardophile's finds are indeed useful as well.

Egads, clearly I shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a keyboard before cup of coffee #2. Thank you so, so much, dontjumplarry!
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Yeah, I had someone tell me that she found out her husband had been keeping notes about arguments and whatnot. It was after she got the papers for the divorce, which was out of the blue for her. I was surprised, and am again, to find out this is a thing. Wow.
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Shit like this makes me glad I'm single.
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Until I read that Reddit thread, I'd somehow avoided ever learning about the idea of a "divorce file". Good Christ. How the existence of the file itself wouldn't destroy the relationship, I don't know.
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My father had one of these. My brother found it and destroyed it. Didn't stop the divorce from happening, but he was repulsed by the thing and couldn't abide its existence. Also, for some reason my father had cash in the file, and my brother took it. My father never mentioned this, because how could he?
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Wow, way to mess up the person you supposedly love(d). People can be so ridiculously thoughtless.
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Could this be the AskMe?
Scenes from a marriage. I snooped; his behavior was borderline. What now? -- "After I saw the chat I compulsively checked his email every day."
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How the existence of the file itself wouldn't destroy the relationship, I don't know.

If I found something like that, I'd move out and go straight to a divorce lawyer. That's crazy shit.
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2349 comments? wow
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I'm documenting everything you people do.
posted by orange swan at 7:37 PM on October 3, 2010

I document every last thing my spouses say.

And the rest of you too, come to think of it.
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Now that my skin's stopped crawling enough for me to contemplate this, its something that imho seems like a bigger betrayal than the intent to divorce or breakup. Its the equivalent of a fundamental breach of trust, of washing dirty linen in public, of the privacy of the intimate relationship. Its way more fucked up than simply being trailed by a PI or some such as in the old days to find evidence of adultery because its constant vigilance and surveillance. It'd silence me for good to never know if pillowtalk was being recorded. *shakes head* Reading something like this makes me wonder whether my principles are outdated in today's world, based as they are on honour and integrity. I have always chosen to take the higher path even when the opportunity lay before me to wreak righteous revenge, for the bottom line isn't what you do to someone else, the bottomline is whether you can sleep at night with yourself.
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