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Six Minute Story. Enough people using it to warrant making it social app to link to from the profile page?

Simple question. Are enough people here using Six Minute Story to have it make sense to add it to the list of social apps we can link to in the profile. If so, I'd like to see it added there. If not then I'll cry. Or at least not have as much fun reading what I find there.
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Er, what is Six Minute Story?
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Oh fun. It's like the nanocomics I made at klang's house without the horror of my sketch.
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allow moi: http://sixminutestory.com/faq
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The general drill for social apps is add them to the page on the wiki if it meets the criteria. pb goes through and adds stuff every few months I think.
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We need more posts on the grey today! More, I say, MORE!!!
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I have a question about this site, as well as 750words.com, which may result just from me being exhausted & not reading clearly, or may be the new way of things. Is there a way to sign up that does not involve using an existing social media login like Twitter, Facebook, GoogleID, OpenID, etc?
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I wish.
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Oh, this looks cool.
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As a web developer who's starting to include it in apps I'm creating, I ask you: please use it. It's better, for so many reasons. I know it's annoying. But just set up one OpenID account somewhere, and then you won't have to worry about it again.

Having one common point of authentication is a much better idea than expecting every single app out there to roll their own. More and more sites are choosing this because once you have used OpenID in one location, it frees you from having to create usernames and passwords for each site you go to. I mean, you are using a new password for every single site you use, right? Right?!? You're not using the same password for every single one...?
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Uh oh.
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Thank you for mentioning these sites! Both the 6 minute and 750 words concepts sound really cool. Maybe they're just the thing to break a longtime procrastination habit...
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I actually have a neat trick for coming up with new passwords for sites, but whenever I can't use it (say, they won't let passwords longer than 6 characters or something) I honestly will use something like 12345 for my password. Who cares if someone "hacks" my account at iwanttocommentjustthisonceaboutpastries.com.
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Good place as any to point to the mefi social explorer.
posted by vacapinta at 7:06 AM on November 4, 2010

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