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I swear there was a recent AskMe thread that described a website or program that could take a screenshot of an entire webpage, even if it went off the bottom of your screen.

I've searched "screenshot," "screen shot," and "screen capture" and haven't been able to find it.
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I don't know if the AskMe, but there's a Firefox add-on called ScreenGrab that will do this for you.
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Yeah I think this was something we were discussing in MetaTalk. I use ScreenGrab for this.
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Ah, maybe that's why I couldn't find it. Thanks! It worked!
posted by IndigoRain at 9:34 PM on November 20, 2010 does this pretty quickly and easily, no installation required. I used it to make this image awhile back -- I reuploaded it in a smaller size to Imageshack, but the screenshot can be made full-sized, if you want.
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Just chiming in another alternative, Aviary has a Firefox plug-in that does this as well, but also, if you add "" before any URL it'll do the full page screen capture as well open it into an image editor on their website.

Por ejemplo~
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Also, there's a Mac app called Paparazzi. It lets you capture the web page, and then decide on the size of the image created (for instance, if you want a 200-pixel-wide thumbnail of the webpage).
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I use the FireShot add-on and have found the free version perfectly adequate so far. I may pony up for the pro version for the image-editing features at some point, I suppose.
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I think this was the screenshot thread.
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Aside from Screengrab, I also use the Firefox add-ons Pearl Crescent Page Saver (the free version) and Shooter. Each is different and I keep them all installed because sometimes one will be handier than another, depending on the situation. Overall I seem to use Page Saver more than the others. It also has the most configurable options among the three: e.g. specifying image quality, creating a keyboard shortcut, and customizing a filename pattern for the saved images (I find this last feature especially useful).

I've been meaning to test out Abduction (another Firefox add-on) and FireShot for IE, and now will add more from this thread -- yay. (Screenshot software is one of my favorite topics.)
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Snagit also
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Yeah, I use SnagIt.
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ScreenCapture is a google-made plugin for chrome
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Evernote can do this.
posted by dfriedman at 9:11 PM on November 21, 2010 makes my latest site look like crap, which probably means I need to test in more browsers.
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Wonder what engine uses. shows how your site looks on a bunch of browsers. My site looks fine on most of them, but capturefullpage hates it.
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SnagIt once did this for me, and then it suddenly the scrolling capture stopped working it and no one there could tell me why.
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